Preaching and Teaching: When Wisdom Falls upon Deaf Ears

Cannabis legalization is a topic I’m passionate about. I’m always reading and researching the plant, community, and culture. Cannabis has changed for me drastically over my lifetime. Growing up, my family grew the stuff in buried busses. It’s been a part of my life my entire life.

The price, strength, and variety of weed has sure changed since back in my day and I’m only 40. I still remember $25 lids. I also remember when that price jumped to $40 a zip. Then prices went nuts jumping up to $120 an ounce!  Today we have pot averaging around $100 for 7 grams aka a quarter sack.

I’ve always caught a buzz when blazin a j, bong, or bowl, a doob, tube, or pipe. If I didn’t you better believe I didn’t mess with it. The folks I knew never messed with selling shit weed.  Don’t get me wrong. I do come from the good old days of yesteryear where brick weed and round town brown were abundant.

Some of that brick weed is what got me lit! Great memories. Hell you still find the stuff in prohibition states lol! But wow the flavor profiles and strengths have changed. I kind of liked it back when a sack of weed was a sack of weed.

There were only a handful of strains around when I was growing up. Every Christmas we’d get the sweet Christmas tree bud as it was called. If you had a good connection you could score some Sensimelia, Acapulco Gold, or maybe some of the old school legendary Roadkill Skunk. Today the variety of cannabis strains is practically endless.

Cannabis Is Big Business

It always has been and always will be. In an era where people will look to capitalize on something in every way they can something this big can’t stay covered up any longer. Agriculture was the first to really support cannabis prohibition. Go figure, it’s all about a seed. Hemp was the dominate fabric of America when cannabis prohibition started with the MJ Tax Act in 1937.

Cotton decided to burry those hemp seeds so to say. In no time at all, pharma, alcohol, tobacco and insurance saw where this was going and all grabbed a shovel. Hell police unions joined in and private prisons were born. We just ended slavery on one level but ignorant ass lazy greed men found a way to start up again in a whole new way.

Seeds Start To Germinate

An unsurmountable number of lives have been claimed while certain people reap the profits. While the greedy kept shoveling dirt on top of the seeds (the seeds being the people of cannabis) they smiled all the while. Their plan was working. But then, something happened!

After more than two decades of dirt tossing, these seeds started to grow! They grew into grassroots activists who would go on to change the world. Jack Herer, Howard Marks, Pebbles Trippet, Dave Watson, Rick Simpson, and the list goes on. Some are famous while other will never be known more than locally. They all paved the way for where we are today.

Cannabis Facts Seem To Fall On Deaf Ears

Cannabis advocates have been preaching the same truths for decades now. Countless supporters of this plant have and are still devoting their lives to breaking the cycle of lies about cannabis. Facts about cannabis have been falling on deaf ears for years, when I wish it were files of facts falling on them instead.

Dealing with politics is like plumbing. It seems the only way to get the truth out there is to remove the clog. There’s always a scum ball blocking the flow of progress. It’s amazing how smoothly things begin to run when you remove the scum that’s blocking flow.

The media is bought and paid for, we all know that. They’re in it for ratings and profit. That’s a fact. Thanks to the internet we have tens of thousands of small media outlets that aren’t owned by anyone.

These people are owed by desire. They have a passion to share facts and news. Blogging opened up doors for all kinds of information to change hands. Today we stand at a precipice where cannabis legalization is moving into the light and finally happening.

Cannabis activist and supporters are still preaching the same words as they did in the past, just a whole lot more of them. Cannabis has science to support it and a community that is breaking the stereotypes of lies about it.  Finally, the facts about cannabis are starting to fall upon ears that can hear.

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: JamesP from CannaLance (, @CannaLance, @CannaLancer710)