The Numbers of Pot

Numbers don’t lie. It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about weight on a scale or the amount of money that states are seeing from legal pot. Speaking of the money coming from pot, there are some amazing statistics coming out of the United States where there have been several states that have chosen to legalize retail cannabis for adults over the age of 21.

One thing you can see thanks to the statistics gathered over the last several years is that the demand for cannabis and cannabis products only continues to grow. There have also been some incredible numbers coming out of Canada regarding the number of patients utilizing cannabis to treat their ailments. Light up a spliff, spark up a bowl, or take a big rip off of your dab rig and let’s journey together and take a look at the numbers of pot.

Sales in Washington State

At the end of September, the state of Washington had seen over 1.1 billion dollars in cannabis sales since the beginning of the year. With monthly sales averaging over 130 million dollars this year, the state’s cannabis industry continues to break records according to data from the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board. The types of cannabis products being purchased are vast and very diverse however the sale of concentrates and edibles seem to be continuing to rise in the state. This latest report also has many people wondering if Washington will soon surpass Colorado when it comes to the revenue seen from legal cannabis sales seeing how the total sales for this year so far in Washington are just slightly behind that of sales in Colorado.

Support for Cannabis Legalization in the US

The support for cannabis legalization in the United States has continued to grow over the years. This can not only be seen by the number of states which now have legal cannabis markets but also through statistics gathered through surveys such as the Gallup poll. The most recent Gallup poll regarding the support for legalizing cannabis in the United States shows that over 64% of Americans now support legalizing the leaf.

Number of Medical Cannabis Patients in Canada

The latest reports from Health Canada coming out of Canada surrounding the legal medical cannabis program shows that roughly 200,000 patients are now enrolled across the country. What may come to a surprise to many is the fact that the majority of them reside in Alberta or Ontario. Roughly 74,000 patients reside in Alberta while roughly 86,000 residents are registered in Ontario. According to Frederick Pels the CEO of the Green Room Society, this is most likely due to the geographical location of these individuals and the ability to get consistent reliable product.

Projected Market in the United States

It is without a doubt that legal cannabis has extensive benefits to offer our economy. Projections coming from Matt Karnes at Greenway Advisors predicts that the cannabis industry in the United States will hit 18 billion dollars before 2021. This is if Donald Trump decides to challenge the recreational Cannabis industry. If retail cannabis industries are left alone the projections are much higher. If every state in the United States including the District of Columbia were to have an operational cannabis market of any sort the cannabis industry in the United States could stand to reach 30 billion dollars before 2021.

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: AshleyP from CannaLance (, @CannaLance, @MJWriter87)