Debunking Propaganda

Cannabis is growing in open popularity. More people globally are showing their support than ever before for cannabis. It’s hard to imagine with all the evidence today that governments would still support cannabis prohibition. Tell someone not to and it creates the desire to do so even more in my book. Years ago cannabis prohibition was built upon a foundation of racism and control. Today we should have moved past that draconian way of government by now.

The fact that we still have individuals openly supporting continual cannabis prohibition should be a wake-up call. These individuals aren’t necessarily 100% wrong. They believe in something and they support it. The downside is what they believe in is based on lies. Trying to convince someone or even show them that what they believe is a lie can be very difficult. Some people will never come around.

Others open up their hearts when they’re put in a position that requires them to see the benefits for themselves. A situation such as a personal illness or the illness of a loved one. Many individuals who were previously against cannabis change their minds and hearts when it saves the life of their husband, wife, son and/or daughter.

Here’s some of the utter nonsense that’s believed by many of those who still support outdated cannabis prohibition laws.

  • Cannabis needs more research.
  • Cannabis is a gateway drug.
  • Cannabis will turn people into mindless stoners.
  • Cannabis legalization will hurt the economy.
  • Cannabis will interact dangerously with prescription drugs.
  • Cannabis is bad for you.
  • If we legalize cannabis then our children will all start using it.
  • Cannabis legalization with lead to an increase in traffic accidents.

Fact, cannabis does not need more research to be deemed as safe for the public. Cannabinoid research has been taking place in Tel Aviv Israel for over two decades. There’s an insurmountable stack of scientific evidence supporting the therapeutic benefits of cannabis as a medicine. Even the United States government knows the therapeutic benefits of cannabis as described in patent 6630507.

Cannabis is not a gateway drug it is an exit drug if anything. Cannabis offers many people the chance to get off of addictive prescription drugs such as hydrocodone, oxycontin, Xanax, and other dangerous prescriptions. Dr. Uma Donna Hollow Bhalla is an endocannabinoid specialist who explains his point very well.

Cannabis doesn’t turn people into mindless stoners. Those who were mindless are already mindless before they became stoners. It’s not the weeds fault. Some people are just born that way. Cannabis does, however, motivate a vast amount of our society into entrepreneurial positions. These positions have many people working 80 to 100 hours a week building businesses and companies.

For those of you who believe cannabis legalization will hurt the economy the facts are in. Just look at what it’s done for the economy in states such as Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and others.

Cannabis reactions to prescription drugs are possible. Each individual has a unique body chemistry so who’s to say. The majority, however, finds the only reaction cannabis has with prescription drugs is that it causes many people to not need them. Those who require specific prescription drugs find that when cannabis is introduced into their regimen their current prescriptions become more effective requiring them to take less of them.

Cannabis is bad for you is only a partial truth. Too much of anything is not good for you. But to say cannabis is bad for you is a bold-faced lie. 12 raw potatoes will give you toxic potato shock and can kill you. 12 aspirin can kill you. 12 bottles of liquor will put you in the hospital if not kill you. 12 joints, 12 ounces, 12 pounds or 12 tons of cannabis would never kill you. Maybe the twelve tons if it was dropped on you. But to say cannabis is bad is a bold-faced lie. If you’re one of the people who say this please check the updated current facts about cannabis.

If we legalized cannabis then our kids are going to start smoking pot. This has also been proven to be not true. Colorado is a staple when it comes to cannabis legalization and the effects that it’s had on a state. Instead of the predicted rise in juvenile consumption of cannabis, it declined. When kids see old people doing it it’s just not cool anymore apparently. You’ll find dozens of articles reporting the statistical facts on how Colorado teens stubbornly refused to consume cannabis.

Cannabis legalization will cause more accidents on our highways is just bunk. Cannabis has a different effect on everyone. Those who smoke and get sleepy or consume cannabis and feel the need to just sit on the couch know not to drive. For many cannabis consumers, this incredible plant sharpens their senses allowing them to maintain a much-needed calmness on today’s busy roads. Traffic fatalities in states with legal cannabis have not increased.

Hopefully, this information will help spark the need for knowledge. The more we know about cannabis the better we can help educate others. Through continuing education, we can support a much-needed change not only in society but in government. Cannabis legalization is not something we can brush under the rug any longer. It’s an issue and topic that needs to be addressed as well as ratified through responsible legalization and ending outdated cannabis prohibition. Thanks for reading!  If you have any suggestions about topics you’d love to hear about in the cannabis community or culture please leave a comment below. Remember a single seed can tip the scale. You could be that seed!

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: JamesP from CannaLance (, @CannaLance, @CannaLancer710)