#Healping Folks Learn About Netflix’s New Series Disjointed

Disjointed on Netflix is just what I needed to fill the hole that was in my bowl of entertainment pleasure. If you’re anything like me the creators of Disjointed, David Javerbaum and Chuck Lorre won’t leave you disappointed. I don’t watch many series. In fact, I’ve really ever only watched maybe 5 of them in my adult life, the last being Sons of Anarchy. Disjointed on Netflix has me hooked. I’m jonesing for more after only 10 episodes.

All the way from the first episode, The Omega Strain to the 10th episode The Worst, the cast and crew really come together to grow on you. Each member of the cast brings something great to the table. It’s refreshing to laugh and enjoy something that touches on both real and not so real points. I’ve watched each episode now two or three times and can’t wait for the next 10 episodes of season 1 to come out in January, of 2018.

Kathy Bates (Ruth), Elizabeth Alderfer (Olivia), Chris Redd (Dank), Betsy Sodaro (Dabby), Elizabeth Ho (Jenny), Aaron Clifton Moten (Travis, Ruth’s son), Tone Bell (Carter ), Nicole Sullivan (Maria), Michael Trucco (Tae Kwon Doug), and Dougie Baldwin (Pete the grower) bring side-splitting humor and reality to the table in this Sensational series!

Elizabeth Ho AKA Jenny the Tokin Asian is one of my favorites. She reminds me of several people I’ve known. From the chilled laid-back mannerism of rating Pete’s weed to singing the joys of The Brita water filter song, she never leaves me disappointed when I watch Disjointed! The wife and I found we enjoyed watching the relationship between Jenny and Carter begin to germinate. We can’t wait to see what happens with these two in the next 10 episodes of Disjointed. Will their feelings for one another cultivate and bud into a flowering romance?

Dougie Baldwin Pete the grower has another role I can relate to. In the Disjointed series, Pete is a prized grower who grew up in a hippie commune so to say. He experienced his first raid at an early age. I can relate to both growing up in a hippie commune kind of way and experiencing a raid at a very early age. This was an unexpected bonding with a character in the show that I didn’t plan on. Pete has grown on me like green on weed.

Kathy Bates does a phenomenal job as Ruth Whitefeather Feldman the owner of Ruth’s Alternative.  After so many serious roles it’s nice to see her kicking back and having fun with life while #healping to break the stereotypes of cannabis. Ruth Whitefeather Feldman helps bring happiness throughout this vast sea of green we live in. She touches on points that are very real even though this is a comedy. She fits the part perfectly bringing a true sense of realness to the show.

Aaron Moten who plays Ruth’s son Travis is another one that will grow on you. The college-educated role starts off a little annoying but before you know it Travis becomes part of the family that you can’t live without. Travis represents many of the young entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry today.  If you’re new to the show stick with Travis and he’ll be sure to grow, on you that is. He has a stand-up roll in this show.

Dank, Chris Redd, and Dabby, Betsy Sodaro, are the stereotype stoners that Reefer Madness has perpetuated to the public for decades. Always looking to get high and sometimes not knowing how or why Dank and Dabby bring an annoying humor that you can’t get enough of. The dynamic duo hosts a YouTube show like many today and plays the role of influences for Ruth’s Alternative. Their chaotic Capers and in-depth knowledge of useless things grows on you kind of like a new haircut. You may not like it at first but after a few days, you wouldn’t have it any other way. For most of us who enjoyed this fine herb for all its qualities before it was hailed as such a powerful medicine, Dank and Dabby represent the stoner in all of us.

Nicole Sullivan, Maria was a character I quickly had a liking to. I couldn’t quite place her face at first but by the end of the first episode seeing her, I knew I was going to be mad’ about her. Nicole Sullivan was a star on a show I loved called Mad TV. Maria will have you rolling with laughter from the way she approaches Carter all the way to how she views a chair. The charismatic cast of Netflix Disjointed comes together with a world-class performance that I just can’t get enough of. I enjoying the escape. I look forward to the episodes so that I can release the thoughts of the day enjoying some elevated time and laughter.

Michael Trucco better known as Tae Kwon Doug Is the kind of character you’re not sure about it first. I’ll just let you be the judge for yourself to see if Tae Kwon Doug is able to come through his way into your heart like he did mine. If only he would snarf a doob he might be in a better mood. Nonetheless, Tae Kwon Doug is somebody you might find yourself doing this “?” with him in the alley????.

Holy shitballs it’s Oliva (Elizabeth Alderfer)! Here is a budtender you’re going to love. She is down to earth and high on cloud nine all at the same time. From her romantic side to her frantic side she represents so many today who come from small quiet towns. Many small towns across America hide dirty secrets of meth and pharmaceutical addiction. Oliva has a way that will brighten your day being from one of these small towns. If you don’t quite get the shitballs joke keep watching and I promise you will, and when you do it’ll be the shit!

The famous pot doc to the stars Dr. Dina is a consultant for the set of Disjointed. She #healps bring realness in every aspect where it can be brought to this sensationally funny sitcom.  All in all I must say I was impressed with the series. It was nice to take a break from life and laugh a little. While not everything on the show is an accurate historical reference people need to just chill out and relax. It’s a show meant for fun. Enjoy the show. If you don’t like Netflix’s Disjointed then, quit your bitchin, you’re harshing my buzz!

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PS: I’d love to do an interview with the cast and crew of Disjointed. Stay blazin and amazin buds!

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: JamesP from CannaLance (CannaLance.com, @CannaLance, @CannaLancer710)