Going Green Isn’t Something New, It’s Been Around For A few Thousand Years

Cannabis has been intertwined with a diversity of different cultures for thousands of years. What we know about cannabis is changing. This plant can be found referenced throughout history. This is not a mysterious plant that popped up in somebody’s basement or something chemically created in a laboratory. When it comes to the truth about cannabis and all the medical properties it holds, for many, this is new information. That doesn’t mean that the information is all “new” though.

While going green may be new for you, for many others going green isn’t something new. The green scene has been around for thousands of years. Some would even argue it’s been around much longer than what’s stated below. Chances are, they’re probably right. Take a look below at the time span and diversity cannabis has with humanity.

  • 2900 BC, Chinese Emperor Fu Hsi made the reference to Ma AKA cannabis containing the properties of yin and yang making it sought after as a medicine
  • 1500 BC, the Rh-Ya (the Chinese Pharmacopeia) has what many believe to be the first penned mention of cannabis. Much of the medicine in the Rh-Ya, as well as the practices in this profound book, are still currently utilized today
  • 1213 BC, Ramesses II, third pharaoh of the Nineteenth Dynasty in ancient Egypt passed away. When his remains were discovered in 1881 AD, research began. Research that led to the discovery of cannabis pollen found on the mummified remains of the deceased pharaoh
  • 600 BC, cannabis is cited as a cure for leprosy by doctors in India. People there also believed it to carry many other beneficial attributes
  • 200 BC, cannabis can be found used as a medicine in Greece
  • 1621 AD, in England an Oxford scholar by the name of Robert Burton writes that cannabis treats depression in a book titled The Anatomy of Melancholy
  • 1850 AD, cannabis was added to the US Pharmacopeia
Draconian Laws Born From Narrow Minded Men

It wasn’t until the early 1900s when the United States was a young country being built and was still easily influenced, that the greed of evil powerful men took control. This is when cannabis began to get a negative stereotype attached to it. By 1937 the powers to be had convinced those in the U.S. Federal Government that cannabis was the devil and dubbed it “The Devils Lettuce”. The plant was swiftly taxed making it in essence, against the law. You could say that cannabis prohibition was born in 1937, with the signing of the MJ Tax ACT.

A Sea of Green Comes To Life

Cannabis didn’t shut down completely like the government had dreamed it would. Those in power attempted to eradicate pot from the face of the planet. There were various reasons why this attempt happened. Synthetic fibers, cotton, alcohol, tobacco, health care and even private prisons are some of those reasons. The main one being power!

Fortunately, there was help for us, the cannabis consumers. Supporters and activists have helped to usher in a new green era. One where the cannabis community is emerging from the black market. Positive cannabis reform laws are beginning to take place across the United States as well as other places around the world, thanks to the efforts of those who support this plant. There’s a great big sea of people that support cannabis. You might even call it a sea of green.

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: JamesP from CannaLance (CannaLance.com, @CannaLance, @CannaLancer710)