Cannabis for Cerebral Palsy

For many years now scientists in Israel have been researching and studying the benefits that cannabis has to offer. While other countries have denied legalization for medical purposes stating that research needs to be done, Israel has been making substantial progress in scientifically proving that cannabis has many medical attributes and applications. It only makes sense that Israel is the leading research authority on cannabis seeing how the ECS was founded by a team in the country and the first time that THC was isolated it was also done by the same team. The most recent study surrounding the medical benefits of cannabis coming out of the country is in regard to Cerebral Palsy. More particularly the study was focused on adolescent patients who suffer from Cerebral Palsy and the results are outstanding!

Researchers at the Israel based Wolfson Medical Center led by child neurologist Luba Blumkin performed a study which concluded that cannabis oil could “significantly improve the condition of children suffering from cerebral palsy.” A combination of THC and CBD either in a 1:6 or 1:20 ratio was administered to children participating in the study. This combination provided improved motor function, increased bowel control, and improved sleep patterns in addition to increasing bowel control, alleviating pain and improving the overall mood of patients in the study.

Cerebral Palsy can cause a wide array of different symptoms and ailments for sufferers including but not limited to issues with muscle coordination, motor skills, and limb control. It can also cause hearing loss, muscle pain and spasticity, seizures and even loss of vision. As you can imagine trying to control or treat these issues with pharmaceuticals could become very expensive and trying on not just the patients but also on caregivers as many traditional treatments are not consistently effective at providing patients relief.

Cannabis, however, has proven to provide neuroprotective properties as well as anti-epileptic and anti-inflammatory benefits, all of which can help treat the ailments suffered by those diagnosed with cerebral palsy. That means that cannabis could potentially be utilized by itself to help combat this degenerative disease that affects hundreds of thousands of individuals around the globe if given the chance. The best part is, cannabis doesn’t come with a list of deadly or potentially harmful side effects, unlike many pharmaceuticals.  As stated by the research manager for the study, Lihi Bar-Lev Scleider cannabis treatment for cerebral palsy “is a good supplement and according to what we’ve seen so far it’s safe and has no side effects.”

One account of how effective cannabis can be at treating cerebral palsy and the many ailments that accompany it here in the United States can be seen through the cannabis activist Seth Green. Seth is a TN resident who has suffered from CP his entire life. The only thing that has provided him with consistent relief is cannabis which is why he is driven to bring awareness to the topic. Seth is a medical cannabis patient in the state of Michigan and since starting a consistent regimen of medical quality cannabis oil has seen a drastic improvement with all of his CP related symptoms including a complete halt to his seizures. Check out Seth’s story on his website here and be sure to follow Seth Green: Greener Pastures of Tennessee on social media!

Yes, people smoke to get high but cannabis truly is medicine for thousands if not millions of people around the globe and the human race stands to gain a lot from it if only our draconian governments will wake up and smell the flowers.

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: AshleyP from CannaLance (, @CannaLance, @MJWriter87)