Stop Harshing On The Plant

A cannabis junkie is not someone who consumes cannabis on a regular basis. A cannabis junkie is someone who consumes false knowledge on a continual basis about cannabis and then gets others hooked on it. Kind of the same way a junkie takes meth, crack, coke, or pills knowing that its poison and bad for them but they do it anyway. Some even to their death. cannabis junkies are much the same in this aspect. They are hooked on lies and will go to their grave supporting these lies.

When you look at the facts about cannabis it’s evident that it clearly has medicinal value and more. It’s all so clearly evident that it doesn’t kill people. The addiction properties of cannabis are significantly lower with an incredible difference in side effects than prescription drugs or street drugs such as heroin methamphetamine or cocaine.

A cannabis junkie will allow themselves to be consumed with false information like it’s their favorite drug. They become addicted to this false information and hooked on the feeling that get by bringing other people down to their level with this false information spewed from their mouths.

Cannabis junkies not only place a negative stereotype on a very misunderstood plant they hurt innocent people in the process. Men, women, and children that could utilize cannabis as part of a daily regimen to improve the quality of their lives are the ones who these junkies hurt. They’re the ones who suffer the most. A cannabis junkie just like any other junkie will bring down those around them.

Your average cannabis junkie isn’t what you think though. These people are vested individuals with careers jobs and oftentimes owners of businesses. They sit on advisory boards and lead committees. They have vested investments in pharmaceuticals, tobacco, alcohol, agriculture, private prisons, and the fashion industry. If this doesn’t paint a clear enough picture why cannabis is illegal and why a cannabis junkie would want to bring people down to their level supporting continued cannabis prohibition, allow me to articulate on the subject a little deeper.

Deep Pockets Support Draconian Laws And Evil People

All of the above-mentioned industries are responsible in one-way shape form or another for poisoning the masses in the name of profit. Many businesses in these fields have also experience lawsuits resulting in million-dollar fines. This is a but a mere slap on the wrist for companies that make hundreds of millions even billions of dollars yearly. To ask these individuals to move their investments which often times are several generations of investing out of these industries to support cannabis is crazy to them.

They don’t care about the health benefits or many medicinal values that cannabis holds. They don’t care that cannabis can potentially lower the addiction rate of the deadly and dangerous opioid epidemic that’s plaguing our nation and every corner of our planet. They don’t care that cannabis offers a clean renewable resource for making textiles and manufacturing everyday products that we currently use. They don’t care because this harms profit in companies they are already invested in. For those vested like this aka cannabis junkies, the rest of the world is in for a fight. You can see this happening right now with a simple Google search.

In their eyes, they’re not going down without a fight. This view is the same in the eyes of many cannabis supporters. Supporters and activists that know what the real deal is, understand that it’s not about fighting, it’s about continuing education. Only through the facilitation of factual knowledge and information pertaining to this miraculous plant called cannabis can we help break the negative stereotypes of nearly 100 years of anti-cannabis propaganda.

The Truth Is Out There

Anyone with an average reading level and basic comprehension skills should be able to research cannabis and learn the truth about it in a few short days at best. The science behind cannabis can be very complicating and can take quite some time to learn even for those of us who have been in what some call an industry our entire lives. When I see those who say cannabis needs more research, that it is the devil’s lettuce, or a bad/gateway drug, I see a cannabis and junkie. That’s a person that’s hooked on cannabis in the wrong way.

It’s going to hurt them in the long run and bring down their quality of life just like if they were a junkie addicted to crack, coke, or meth. If you a person like this please help the Cannabis junkie in your life by educating them on the truth about cannabis.  Not all people are lost, some can be saved. There are tons of reputable websites in which you can find information about cannabis and the many products contained in this culture, community, and lifestyle.

When it comes to changing laws, and bringing cannabis legalization to your city, town, or state there is something all of us can do. Share factual information with friends and family about cannabis. Represent the community and culture in a fun and respectful manner. Remember those of us who grew up in this lifestyle have gotten along with everybody even those who don’t support cannabis. It’s not that they’re wrong, it’s just they’re misinformed.

It May Not Be For You But Don’t Make That Choice For Me

Smoking Cannabis isn’t for everybody but it should be a choice for every adult on this planet. Don’t be a cannabis a junkie and spread out false information about a plant you really don’t know anything about. Don’t fall victim to the over eight decades of lies and negative propaganda our government has supported. Don’t fall victim to the hooks and lures of Reefer Madness!

There is something positive that you can do to help though. You can make a change. Contact your local elected officials and leaders. Let them know that you support ending cannabis prohibition. Legalize the leaf and increase the peace. A single seed can tip the scales of injustice in the favor of the people. Are you that seed?

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: JamesP from CannaLance (, @CannaLance, @CannaLancer710)