Laughing, Smiling, & Smoking Weed

Cannabliss. What exactly is Cannabliss? Let’s talk about this for a moment. Smoking pot and smoking pot are two things I love a lot. When it comes to the relaxing vibe I’m in pursuit of, I find that vibe amongst my tribe. My friends and family are where it’s at for me. I keep my circle much smaller these days than in the past. The circle I speak of though is always packed with enough weed to last. Sweet cheeba, ganja, herb, pot, weed, chronic, dro, marijuana, or call it what you will, is where I find my thrill. I’m stoked with the life I live! One could say it’s filled with Cannabliss!

I love my job and it loves me. My job, of course, is weed. Writing, learning, teaching, branding, marketing, networking, and smoking the shit out of it to be exact. My every day is one lived the green way. More than just a plant, cannabis is a connection to life. The path I was on was rough at times but like Afro Mans positive remix it all got better because I got high! I went from stressed and depressed working dead end jobs to laughing, smiling, and doing something I love.

Currently, I own and run two content companies, and I write for clients globally like Sensi Seeds and Midweek Song, cannabis magazines like The Emerald Magazine and online publications like here at Expert Joints. Did I mention partnering with The Green Life Granny and helping to launch the birth of Not bad for a lazy stoner wink-wink!

Be warned that Cannabliss may come with side effects. Colors may get their color back, happiness may get that good feeling accompanying it back, and yes you may find yourself with a case of the giggles or even the munchies. You may find yourself happy, smiling and laughing, even enjoying life! Cannabliss also has the side effect of employment and or activism. Be careful as you may also find your circle of family and friends to become smaller or larger depending on the level of Reefer Madness they’ve been exposed to.

  • How I Caught A Case Of The Giggles

I smoked a lot of weed.

  • How I Caught A Case Of The Munchies

I smoked a lot of weed.

  • How I Caught A Court Case

I had a lot of weed.

  • How I Caught A Case Of Employment

I smoked a lot of weed.

  • How I Caught A Case Of The Smiles

I smoked a lot of weed.

  • How I Caught A Case Of Loving Colors Again

I smoked a lot of weed.

What To Do If Cannabliss Happens Top You

Should you be a smoker, toker, or cannabis consumer (which by the way in this reference are all the same thing) you can expect to find yourself at some point experiencing some or all of the side effects of cannabliss. Subsequently, there are a few things you can do in order to be prepared for cannabliss when it happens to you.

Be sure to have plenty to drink on hand. An emergency stock of water, your favorite juice, Snapple flavors, coffee, and tea are essential when it comes to quenching your thirst.

Having adequate food Supplies on hand such as plenty of fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, grains, cereals, and other goodies will help assure that when you catch a case of the munchies you’ll be healthily prepared.

Should you find yourself liking colors once again know that it’s okay to change the color of your closet from black and white clothing to a beautiful array of purples, reds, greens, blues, and more. You may even want to keep some shirts of these colors put up somewhere for an emergency such as this. Once you begin to Crave color in your life, it may just change you.

Should you find yourself with a case of the smiles, just let it go. Release the goodness!

Most importantly be warned that all of these above-mentioned side effects also commonly come with employment. The employment case you catch will greatly depend on many determining factors that are different for everyone. If you love something or have a passion for it pursue it, love it, own that shit! Chances are the support and encouragement you’re looking for will be waiting for you in this big budding community!

Thanks for taking the time to unwind and enjoy this short easy-breezy fun read. Hopefully, this read was accompanied with a lot of weed. All fun aside though cannabis has helped change my life in many positive ways. On any given day, I find myself in the company of different medical cannabis patients who open up their lives to share with me. Watching what these individuals go through both trials and tribulations has also changed me. I lost my son to Menkes Disease. Cannabis may have been able to help save him or at least give him a better quality of life while he was here. I will never know for him but I make it a point to facilitate the facts about this cannabis every chance I get.

Cannabis is a very misunderstood plant where the negative propaganda of Reefer Madness has taken a devastating toll. Through factual education and sharing the knowledge of this plant with others, we will slowly break down the wall of prohibition that took over eight decades to build. As you may know, I truly believe a single seed can tip the scales and help bring everyone Cannabliss.

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: JamesP from CannaLance (, @CannaLance, @CannaLancer710)