I Did It Because I Got High

One of the biggest stereotypes surrounding cannabis consumers is that they are lazy and unaccomplished. Some people believe this because they look no further than the lies they have been told for years and others because of things such as the Afroman song titled Because I Got High which depicts this stigma talking about things that were never accomplished because someone got high.

This stereotype and stigma, however, is far from the truth when you look just a little bit deeper. The cannabis culture and community is thriving with people who have successfully accomplished some amazing feats. Some of which may not have been possible if it weren’t for their love of and trust in cannabis.

They Did It Because They Got High

There are many great actors, actresses, athletes, musicians, architects, painters, writers, and others throughout history that have not only consumed cannabis but have created amazing art in different forms while entertaining and captivating the masses making their mark in history.

Then there are others who may not have been as open about their consumption but have been there all along saving lives and presenting the world with innovations that have improved the quality of life for millions around the globe. There are thousands of individuals such as nurses, firefighters, engineers, scientists, software developers and many other professionals who are cannabis consumers and upstanding members of society.

What I’ve Accomplished Because I Got High

Just because someone gets high doesn’t mean that they can’t be successful or productive. In fact, many cannabis consumers will tell you firsthand that if it weren’t for consuming cannabis and the balance it brings to their life they wouldn’t have accomplished half of what they have. I know I sure have a lot to thank cannabis for.

  1. I was able to complete college after the loss of a child… Because I got high!
  2. I was able to avoid a harmful dependency upon pharmaceuticals… Because I got high!
  3. I was able to start my own business for less than $30… Because I got high!
  4. I was able to travel the west coast and make memories with my family that otherwise would not have been possible… Because I got high!
  5. I was able to kick anxiety and depression’s ass… Because I got high!
  6. I was able to quit drinking alcohol… Because I got high!
  7. I have been able to significantly reduce and have almost quit smoking tobacco… Because I get high!
  8. I have been able to start two businesses and build them to success… Because I got high!
  9. I am able to stay out of the hospital with GI issues… Because I get high!
  10. I have forever improved my quality of life… Because I get high!

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: AshleyP from CannaLance (, @CannaLance, @MJWriter87)