Hempsational Hemp Benefits

When it comes to cannabis and all that it has to offer the world many people tend to think only about the medical benefits and overlook many others. Cannabis in the form of hemp has so much to offer Mother Earth as well as her inhabitants. Unfortunately, hemp is very misunderstood and often confused with its cousin commonly known as marijuana. Let’s journey together and explore some of the exceptional and sensational benefits that hemp has to offer.

Crops such as flax and cotton utilize an excessive amount of pesticides which have been linked to things such as Alzheimer’s disease, ADHD, cancer, and even birth defects. Hemp, however, requires little to no pesticides or herbicides to grow healthy and strong. By replacing cotton with hemp we could greatly reduce the amount of pesticides and harmful toxins that are being utilized around the world.

Hemp cannot only replace cotton and all of the products it is currently used to make it can also completely replace plastic. It is estimated that Americans alone utilize over 45 billion plastic bottles each year. The sad part is these plastic bottles can take anywhere from 400 to 1000 years and sometimes more to decompose. Hemp which could be utilized to replace these bottles happens to be biodegradable and non-toxic unlike the petroleum-based cellulose plastics used today.

Cotton utilizes an estimated 5000 gallons of water to grow only two and a half pounds making it one of the most water dependent crops in the world. Hemp, on the other hand, requires very little irrigation and it is estimated that it only uses 600 – 900 gallons of water to the same produce 2.2 pounds of product.

Hemp can be grown almost anywhere meaning that even those who live in the most poverty-stricken areas of the world could grow this plant and help curb world hunger. Hemp seeds offer a complete protein including vitamins, omegas, and amino acids. Hemp can also be utilized to make oil as well as flour needed for making other food products. Some believe that hemp was the first ever crop that was agriculturally domesticated by humans but unfortunately a few greedy ones took that away.

Luckily for hemp just as it is with its cousin times are finally starting to change and people are becoming educated to all that the cannabis plant has to offer in both its psychoactive and non-psychoactive forms. Thanks to this, the future of hemp around the world is looking to be a hempsational one.

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: AshleyP from CannaLance (CannaLance.com, @CannaLance, @MJWriter87)