Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

Cannabis is more than just a plant or a medicine. It’s a culture and a language all its own. From one corner of the globe to another a universal language has been cultivated by a community pushed underground. In fear of persecution, a language as unique as those who started it was born. This language allowed a community of people to communicate about something they love discreetly.

If you’d like to get a good laugh just Google the search term marijuana slang. You’ll see things that even as a long-time cannabis connoisseur of this fine plant that I’ve never seen. It’s as if the slang terminology was researched by someone who never was a part of the community.

At best an in the closet weekend toker, it would seem. That is most of the list that I see. For example, to put blast to the stick means to smoke marijuana. I found myself as you would say in computer language today ROTFFLMAO!

What Did They Just Say

The slang that has developed across the cannabis community has become a language which has helped to define a culture. In quiet discreet reference, cannabis consumers have exchanged information openly while most are none the wiser. Terms such as lids, zips, and dubs are very common.

For those who are around each other on a consistent basis they often develop a language of their own. Friends have done this for centuries. Tubes, chiefin, and other unique terminology were born by a community of individuals just looking to get lit and enjoy life.

The slang terminology used to describe cannabis for decades now has helped facilitate its growth. What once was a seed almost eradicated and buried to the eye of the government is now a forest which is flourishing and filled with activists and supporters. Cannabis business are germinating through the dirt reaching the vegetation stage where some are just beginning to flower.

Seeds Tipping Scales

When you look at how the cannabis culture is evolving you see progress, not perfection. This progress comes from the grassroots supporters and activists. Not to mention the I’m jumping on the bandwagon to make some cash people. Many individuals who have never had anything to do with the cannabis community or culture see this as an opportunity to cash in and make a fortune.

While they have the best of intentions, often these individuals can be sniffed out if you will from a mile away. Your vibe attracts your tribe and those throughout the cannabis community know this. Understanding the language of the community and how to get in where you fit in with a group of people you know universally will continue to help the cannabis movement gain momentum.

With cannabis legalization happening in more places today than ever before in the past new terminology will be a given. To come up with a list of currently updated terminology throughout the cannabis community I’d like to ask the help of you the reader. Most of us know many of the old school terms associated with the plant we love. However, with the new millennial generation, some terms have people scratching their heads, going WTF?

So, if you happen to be familiar with some lingo you think others might not know, then it’d be cool if you’d be a friend and share. We all know sharing is caring. That’s what this community and culture are built on. If there’s a hole in your bowl how do you describe the nugget used to plug it? When it comes time to blaze a spliff, blunt, cone, or doobie, what do you say to get people moving their booties? What about dabs? Dabbage, concentrates, sugar, poop soup, honey oil…. a whole new language is being born. What do you have to say about it?

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: JamesP from CannaLance (, @CannaLance, @CannaLancer710)