Cannabis Misconceptions

There are many misconceptions about cannabis. This article will articulate on some of these misconceptions with facts to help you better formulate your own opinion. Not one influenced by decades of negative cannabis propaganda. Cannabis, pot, marijuana, Mary Jane, herb, ganja, or whatever you call it or have heard it called is not what many people have been made to believe it is. It’s not the devil, or the downfall of society. It’s not a poison or a deadly substance. This plant has really received a bad rap. Here are a few common misconceptions about cannabis.

  • Cannabis will make you lazy
  • Cannabis will make you forget things
  • Cannabis will make you stupid
  • Cannabis will cure everything
  • Cannabis is bad for you

Let’s address each one of the above-mentioned misconceptions now. Join me if you will for my point of view.

Cannabis will make you lazy.

This is a stereotype many people believe. We’ve all seen the stoner movies where there’s a bunch of or even one lazy bum/bums with no job/jobs living off their parents. Let’s start with the lazy person part of this first. If you know a lazy bum, chances are they’ve been this way their entire life. Pot doesn’t make a person lazy, the person does. Now don’t get me wrong, herb can most certainly relax ya. Many lazy people don’t smoke pot because they can’t. It’s not because they can’t handle it or it’s too strong. It’s because they can’t afford it. See pot cost money. Then there’s the extras that go with it. Not glow sticks and pacifiers or shit like that. That crap is for drugs. The extras I’m talking about are things like food, something to drink, a place to live to smoke in peace, shit like that. All of this requires money. For this reason, many cannabis consumers not only work, they hold steady jobs.

Cannabis will make you forget things.

Ok, what were we talking about again? Just kiddin! Come on man, are you serious? What about the huge portion of people who forget things daily that don’t consume cannabis? For many consumers cannabis gives them clarity of thought. Rather than a clouded busy mind where finding a thought is next to impossible, cannabis consumers often have a great memory. Remember the time when. I know you’ve heard that one before. Have you ever sat down with what you might call a pothead? If so, depending upon who you speak with you may be surprised by the depth of knowledge they have and their ability to recollect or remember things. With a condition that effects millions called Alzheimer’s, cannabis is showing promise in helping to treat this condition per studies from Israel and the U.S.

Cannabis will make you stupid.

This is not true. While I have seen some people act stupid when consuming cannabis, most of these people were already stupid to start with in defense of the plant. Cannabis consumers are known for being a bright bunch. Some great thinkers have risen from the cannabis culture and community globally. Cannabis helps many people to focus and pay attention to detail. Artists, architects, engineers, mathematicians, musicians, actors and actresses, and even our military veterans are prime examples and proof that cannabis doesn’t rot your brain and make you stupid.

Cannabis will cure everything.

This is a very uninformed point of view. Cannabis doesn’t cure everything. It doesn’t work the same for everyone. With that in mind remember that cannabis in many instances offers consumers a better quality of life. For some it offers them life itself. We know there is no cure all for what ails us. To believe someone who says cannabis will cure you is a little out there. Keep an open mind though. Cannabis has cured many people.

Cannabis is bad for you.

Smoking reefer is bad for you is another fear mongering tactic of cannabis prohibitionist. While smoking anything isn’t the best for you, smoking cannabis is way better for you than say smoking cigarettes, cigars, or pipe tobacco.  Cannabis is good for you in many ways as medical professionals are starting to admit. Take for example Dr. Sanjay Gupta. He apologized for facilitating the lies about cannabis.

Good people don’t use marijuana (cannabis).

This is a very true statement. Good people don’t use marijuana they consume cannabis. This outdated prohibition tactic only makes people sound uninformed. Many great people have consumed cannabis. People like Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Phelps, actor Morgan Freeman, Former U.S. President Barrack Obama, former MMA champion Tito Ortiz, actress Whoopi Goldberg, musical icon Bob Marley, and the list goes on. What about medical cannabis refugees 12-year old Alexis Bortell or 17- year old Coltyn Turner? Are they bad people because they consume cannabis?

People who smoke pot don’t have jobs.

Well we all know this is a bunch of bull shit from the mouths of bullshitters. Politicians have clung to this notion like stink on shit. Let’s blame the nations laziness on pot. All these jobless potheads are driving a legitimate billion-dollar economy.

People who smoke pot can’t be productive members of society.

Bawhahahaha! People who smoke pot in my eyes are some of the most productive members that society has. Cannabis has something going for it nothing else does in my opinion. Global support and a history of success. It wasn’t until the 1900’s when man figured yet again how to profit off their fellow man. So the folks driving and starting a multi-billion dollar industry from scratch are not productive? Just what the hell planet do you live on if you think potheads aren’t productive? What about these people? Wouldn’t you say they were rather productive?

If football players smoked pot the game would be ruined because the players would all be running around high.

Just what the actual phuck and who the actual phuck would think like this? Players are often forced to juice up to continue the game at the cost of their body. Once again if cannabis effects your ability to perform as an athlete, explain Michael Phelps.

Because a medical cannabis patient is smiling and appears happy on the outside doesn’t mean they are not still hurting on the inside.

Just because you see pictures showing a smile doesn’t mean someone isn’t hurting behind those photographs. For many medical cannabis patients and those looking to treat their ailments, cannabis offers them something the doctor can’t. That something is relief. I know people stricken with anxiety, depression, aggression, scar tissues, dead nerves, smashed bones, pins in their bodies, and more that I’ve watched cannabis help first hand. I’ve see children be treated and have a chance at a normal life. All that glitters aint gold and all that smile aren’t always happy and pain free.

If you start a cannabis regimen you should toss out all your other medications.

This is something I say is hogwash. I’ve met many people who were embarrassed or even ashamed that they still had to take pharmaceuticals while on a cannabis regimen. In my opinion, there are many instances where cannabis and prescription medication work beautifully together. In some cases, cannabis added with a daily regimen can help the prescription or prescriptions your taking to work more effectively.

Mary Mary Quite Contrary The Lies Are So very Scary.

There are many common misconceptions when it comes to cannabis. Many of these myths are the product of negative cannabis propaganda. Five major companies or organizations if you will have put a lock on this plant and tried to destroy it. Big tobacco, the alcohol industry, synthetic fibers, Pharma, private prisons are the five that have profited the most from the addiction and incarceration of humankind.

Thankfully the work of cannabis activists and supporters have brought about a pivotal change that is more than needed. Every one of these amazing people are a unique seed. The thing about throwing dirt over seeds and burying them is that eventually those seeds will start to germinate. When this happens get ready for a vast forest of green to sprout. From this sea of green a new and focused community will emerge and take back a human right. The right to treat ourselves naturally with a harmless plant. A single seed can tip the scale. You could be that seed.

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: JamesP from CannaLance (CannaLance.com, @CannaLance, @CannaLancer710)