Cultivating A Cannabis Culture

Cannabis keeps moving on up. Up the ladder gaining epic support globally. You could even say it’s heading for that deluxe apartment up in the sky-high-high! The budding success of this green industry has offered a shot at future generational wealth for many.

Not to mention current financial stability for many entrepreneurs. Small mom and pop shops and startups are getting in on the ground floor of a multi-billion-dollar industry. It’s not just about growing pot or selling pot at all. There’s a long list of ancillary services that cater to the cannabis community. Here are just a few!

  • Packaging
  • Delivery
  • Software
  • Programing
  • Marketing
  • Culinary
  • Engineering
  • IT
  • Hospitality
  • Tourism

Companies like Microsoft are developing services like seed to sale tracking software. This shows the industry is one that will continue to cultivate success to me. Cannabis isn’t moving everyone into deluxe condos or apartments in the sky so to say.

But, it’s helping people to afford to pay their bills, drive safe reliable vehicles, eat better food, buy nicer clothes, and spend money doing things for themselves and with others that was not possible in the past. How do I know that? Because I am that person.

Follow Your Dreams Even If They’re Dank AF

I’ve gone from punching a clock and dreading each time the alarm rings to something way different. Cannabis and writing are my two passions beyond family. I started writing for the cannabis industry 3 years ago. Marijuana Writers. Wow it sounds so strange to say. Just like the plant I love so I also have begun to flower. In this process, what started out from a seed, Marijuana Writers, began to flower into CannaLance.

Now, as CannaLance, I’m able to reach a wider audience. CannaLance is able to help facilitate education and information about the plant, community, and culture. After working many different jobs in life my true passions became my every day.

For me, it’s a dream come true. I love to write and I love bud! Learning all the new science behind cannabis, all about cannabinoids, terpenes, prohibition and more has been fulfilling. I don’t punch a clock. I travel more than ever. I’ve been from the beaches of the Carolinas to the coastline of Washington and Oregon. Not to mention everywhere in between.

Pros VS Cons
  • Travel
  • Buying a home
  • Spending time with my family daily not hourly
  • Virtually no alarm clocks
  • Meeting amazing people
  • Long hours from when my eyes open to when they close
  • Spending everyday with my wife and kids (just kidding)
  • Banking
  • Some of the fun is removed from getting lit because it’s all so serious anymore
  • Prohibition states (they still suck)

Cannabis, in particularly, writing about it has offered me the chance to not only do and see all of this myself, but I was able to do it with my family along for the entire ride. In fact, they all loved it so much we run CannaLance together now! My dream is turning into a future for generations to come. I’m also at a point where soon I’ll be able to help employee others. That’s something that I never dreamed of.

Are Your Dreams Dank AF Too?

Chances are dreams are different for me than they are for you. The one thing that is most likely the same is we all dream of more financial freedom. The ability to live better, help others, and set up a future for generations to come. What is your dream when it comes to the green scene? Do you want to be in canna fashion? How about marketing? Growing bud? Being a budtender? Do you want to be a canna chef? Do you want your own show? What’s your dank dream?

If you’re in the pursuit of happiness on the green path, let me know. If you have a business that you’re trying to grow, I wanna know. I wanna know your story if you’re willing to share. People find inspiration through the stories of one another. Who knows, maybe your story will inspire the change that will tip the scales. After all, a single seed can tip the scales. Are you that seed?

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: JamesP from CannaLance (, @CannaLance, @CannaLancer710)