6 Emergency Ways To Spark A J

Don’t be a Richard or a Dick, get back here with my Bic! When it comes to cannabis one thing that everyone who smoke knows is your buds will do more than take the doobie out the doobie ashtray. Some buds can be pricks and will run off with your Bic! They’ll take your Cricket and stick it, right in their pocket as they walk away. They’ll play klepto with your Scripto, they’ll clip your Clipper, and some will even zip off with your Zippo!

Wait a second. Why do the names of so many lighters rhyme with the names of stealing them from a bud? That’s right, just how many times have people ran off with your lighter?  If you’re anything like me then my friends somewhere there’s a draw full of lighters with your name on them. No, I mean it. I used to scratch my name into my lighters so I’d know they were mine lol! Perhaps it’s all part of a master plan to sell more lighters. Could it really be? Surely not.

Chances are, you’ve found yourself in the all too familiar predicament of having something amazin and being stuck in the pickle of not having any way to get it blazin! If that’s the case here are a few tips to help you get that J lit when your buds are duds and run off with your lighter. Fashioning yourself a hand drill might pop in to mind but chances are a bud with a flame will show up before you could get that done. You’re in luck because the next time this happens to you, you won’t have to come unglued. You’ll have an arsenal of tips that are legit to help you get the fire you desire when you need some emergency ways to spark a j.

Fire AF Ways To Light A J
  1. The Toaster- this is an effective method that works in a jiffy. Just make sure that you don’t have your hair hanging down to close to the toaster. To be safe take a piece of paper and twist it into a stick like shape. Fray the end of it and touch the hot part of the toaster. A little rubbing side the side and it should pop into a healthy Flame. You can then use your newfound fire to help fulfill your desire. It’s a great idea to have a Kindle on hand to light with this flame so you don’t have to repeat the process. It’s always a good idea to put your burning paper out running it under the sink or sticking it in an ashtray.
  2. The Stove- just like the toaster your stove will do the trick when you’re looking to fire up your spliff. Simply turn one of your burners on the high setting. Coincidentally Mo settings on the stove say hi to get the kind of flame you need. Wait anywhere between 1 2 3 minutes. You’ll see your stove burner starting to Glow. You can rub your J on the glowing part of the burner and that usually fires up within seconds. You can also use a piece of paper to light a candle or to act as a match. Be sure to extinguish properly and remember to turn off your stove.
  3. Cigarette Lighter In your Car – sometimes the obvious will be right in front of your face. It’s like the old phrase if it was a snake it would have bit you. When you’re mad about someone running off with your fire you can be a little off-track. When you’re looking to light a J and are in dismay because someone did you this way, remember you can always head out to your car or truck and use the cigarette lighter in it.
  4. Magnifying Glass- depending on how old you are you may have had that one friend that always had a magnifying glass. Know this friend did not use the magnifying glass to solve Mysteries or Clues. They were the burner of ants. They ran around catching things on fire with their magnifying glass. Well my friend that’s a magnifying glass can be used to fire up your Jay when you find yourself in an emergency during the day. Unfortunately this method doesn’t work worth a s*** at night under even the brightest moonlight.
  5. Pilot on Gas Stove- if you have a gas stove or furnace then chances are the pilot stays lit on it year-round. If your stove is gas then you’ll never find yourself without Flame. The self igniter will start a flame for you right away on the top or the pilot light will always be lit in the oven or even on your furnace where does usually accessible for you to cop a Quick Flame.
  6. 9 Volt Battery And Steel Wool- Be sure to have a pile of dry material to start on fire if you desire to use a 9-volt battery and steel wool. An SOS pad won’t work because it is saturated with soap. You have to make sure it’s actual steel wool. Simply rub the nine volt battery back and forth on the steel wool until it catches fire. Then place the steel wool on paper or your pile of starting material to ignite your Flame. A double A battery to Staples a gum wrapper and a piece of fuzz in the middle can accomplish the same thing. This method takes a little talent and is something you may want to practice just for the fun of it one day. You never know when it will come in handy.
What Emergency Way Do You Fire Up A J

These are just a few of the emergency ways to spark a j that I’m aware of. Now that I’m older in life I always have backups and never and without a light. I have matches stashed here and there and lighters virtually everywhere. Plus with the knowledge of all the emergency backups on different ways to fire up a j, I’m confident that I’ll be able to complete my continuing mission. My mission to explore strange new strains and seek out rare landrace genetics. To  boldly try and to describe these experiences with all of humankind and venture to places where nobody has gone before. These are the adventures of CannaLance.

Do you happen to know of any other ways to fire up a j? If so we’d love it here at export joints if you would help fire up the conversation and Spark interest by sharing your emergency ways to fire up a j. Thanks for reading along my friends. Remember there is still lots of confusion and negative stereotypes surrounding cannabis. Help inform friends family and neighbors to the truth about this incredible plant. Changing Minds is like growing a forest one seed at a time. A Single Seed can tip the scales.

Until next time stay, lifted and gifted buds!

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: JamesP from CannaLance (, @CannaLance, @CannaLancer710)