The Ganja Boat

Has the ship sailed for those looking to enter the cannabis industry? The answer to that question comes with many different opinions. You have some that say that ship sailed already. They say people already know about the benefits of cannabis and if you haven’t already invested in the industry you are too late. Others, however, have a more open mind and a better understanding of this industry than some. These individuals know that with the ushering in of a new era with cannabis legalization that over half of the United States is still clueless about the many benefits and applications of this incredible plant.

All Aboard, Next Stop Education

The ship has not sailed in this writer’s opinion when it comes to entering the cannabis industry. Some people forget or don’t see the struggles that happen in prohibition states on the East Coast or the southern part of the United States. While cannabis is becoming widely accepted on the west coast, the east coast and midwest are not so welcoming. The decades-old stereotype of “Reefer Madness” and the negative propaganda supported by this evil campaign have stuck with many people here.

Changing the stereotype of the lazy stoner truly is a mission of its own in the Bible Belt throughout the south. Through establishing responsible campaigns and helping to educate the general public to the facts and truths about cannabis the negative stereotype and stigma will slowly go away. It will not happen overnight. What took eight decades of doing will take possibly eight decades of undoing in order to fix. Many people don’t like to be told what they believe and know to be true is actually false. From medical professionals to religious leaders, police officers and the general public the information many people know about cannabis is incorrect.

Where To Get The Facts

When it comes to where to go to get the facts about cannabis you have options. There’s an abundance of sources available online today in which you can learn about the many different applications and attributes the incredible cannabis plant offers. Websites such as Leafly, Medical Jane, Expert Joints, High Times, Mary Jane, Allbud, and others have an abundance of articles from both the cannabis community as well as leading industry professionals in just about every niche from medicine to agriculture and in between.

With the new era of cannabis acceptance, we’re seeing today those who truly understand the community and culture will be invaluable in helping to usher this industry into prohibition states. Unfortunately with the cannabis industry growing like a weed the snake oil salesman and scam artists are already taking advantage of those looking to invest in a greener future. You can rest a little more assured on decisions that you make about a cannabis venture by doing a little research.

Simply Google the names of those you’re working with or considering working with. Ask about experiences that anyone else may have had working with someone you’re considering hiring or working with. LinkedIn is a great place to network with industry professionals as well as support those who have impeccable work ethics with recommendations and such.

Where the Ganja Boat Is Docked

In my opinion, the ship hasn’t sailed for those looking to enter the cannabis industry. There is definitely competition in states that have legal retail and even medical access. Remember, however, nearly half of the United States still does not have access to cannabis in either recreational retail or medicinal form. Those states will need industry leaders and individuals with stringent work ethics to help remove the stereotypes and stigmas cannabis has been labeled with. In states like Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and Mississippi the cannabis industry stands to be a budding one offering substantial growth and potential future generational wealth for those bold enough to help make a difference.

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: JamesP from CannaLance (, @CannaLance, @CannaLancer710)