Does Anybody Still Get Stoned

I took a moment to reflect and write about what was on my mind this week. This article is just an opinion piece based off some of my personal viewpoints. I just wanna know, does anybody else out there still get stoned? Is it okay if I just like to get high? I mean sure cannabis has many medical, textile, and agricultural uses and benefits but is it just okay to enjoy the feeling of being high anymore?

When did it all become strictly about medicine and saving the planet and everything on it? After covering the subject for several years directly on a day-to-day basis I can testify that the government has found a way to take the fun out of cannabis. Legalization has turned everybody very serious. This is good and needed don’t get me wrong but I want to know, where’s all my stoners at?

Is it just me or does anyone else notice that someone who used to sling bud and make good money doing so now considers themselves no longer to be your dealer, connection, hookup, or friend, but yet a facilitator of medicine? Yes, this is a medicine. Yes, if you’re helping to give people cannabis or get them access to cannabis then you are providing a service that kinda is helping them with medicine. This however, doesn’t make you a doctor.

I watch people trying to pass off cannabis infused coconut oil as RSO. They explain to people that the strain they have gives you a headache because it’s too strong and your tolerance isn’t high enough. Of course, they do this not knowing you smoked for 40 years and have tried weed from one coast to the next as well as strains from legendary seed banks around the world. They believe that you’re ignorant to the fact of knowing about chemical additives and piss poor growing techniques that produce a piss-poor product. This product can be covered up by smell and taste but initially how it burns and how it makes you feel will tell the true story.

Out With The Shit And In With The Legit

 Just like any other business cannabis is full of fly-by-night scam artist and cons. The one good thing about cannabis legalization happening globally is the process of weeding out the shit weed will begin. You might buy shit weed once but if you have the option to go somewhere else and get better quality for the same price you’re not going to buy that shit weed again. Businesses and individuals that conduct themselves in a shit weed manner might fool you once but they won’t stick around either. People won’t continue to buy shitty services just like they won’t continue to buy shitty weed.

It’ll be a matter of time and you will see cannabis businesses that have been in it from the start and the ones that are on the path to success. These businesses will be the ones not in the business of selling shit weed or providing shit weed but rather instead providing top shelf quality to whatever their business may be. You can spray paint a turd gold but underneath that spray paint, it’s still a turd. Crack open that golden turd and you’ll expose it for what it is. Time will crack open all the golden turds in the cannabis industry and start to expose them for what they are. Nobody wants to do business with golden turds and this will ultimately lead to strong cannabis businesses with good sound practices.

There’s a big enough nipple in the cannabis industry for everyone to have a suckle on. No one person, entity, or corporation needs to have total control. Those who believe this are just greedy pricks. Encourage growth in the cannabis community and inspire others to take that leap to financial freedom and a future of generational wealth by starting their own business venture. The sky’s the limit and don’t let anyone fool you the cannabis industry is definitely a race. While some say you better act fast and run like the hair remember a slow and steady pace is what won the race. Success doesn’t happen overnight unless you buy an illusion of it. Love what you do. Stick with it and help grow the community. Thanks for reading, stay lifted, gifted, and have a blazing summer!

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: JamesP from CannaLance (, @CannaLance, @CannaLancer710)