Ten Tokes

As a writer, I could choose to utilize this article to teach you about one of the many amazing things cannabis is capable of or I could talk about the ignorance that may people still possess surrounding cannabis or I could cover a plethora of news stories which seem to develop daily. Alternatively, I could choose to do none of those and take it back to the basics by covering something much more chill so this week I am exhaling the bullshit and talking about some of my favorite things to do when inhaling the good shit!

Here are some of my favorite things to do while high! What are yours?


As a writer, I read a lot as you could imagine and my favorite time to take in knowledge or simply be entertained by words is when I’m high. Not only are stories more enjoyable, the educational information that I read, I feel is better retained than when I am sober and scattered brained.


Yep, it may seem like a total buzzkill to some but I love to clean when I’m high! I can’t stand a dirty environment. A lived in one yes, but a dirty one just won’t cut it so since I find myself getting high quite often, I tend to also find myself cleaning while high and it’s much more enjoyable than sweeping the floors pissed off and sober!

Listening to Music

Music and cannabis go hand in hand. No matter what type of cannabis you like or what genre of music is your favorite, chances are you too enjoy chilling with some beats and a bowl! My favorite is when you get that really chill vibe and just sink into the couch and it’s almost like Jerry Garcia is actually playing in your head and all I want to do is just dig that vibe!

Watching Movies

Let’s face it action is more intense and comedies are much funnier when you’re baked! This is why it makes perfect sense that one of my favorite things to do while high is to watch movies. Some of my all-time favorite “stoner” movies are Half Baked, anything with Cheech & Chong and of course the classic Dazed and Confused. Another favorite of mine that was far from mainstream goes by the name of Saving Grace and it is a story of how cannabis saves a sweet lady both financially and in many other ways!

Riding Around on Back Roads and Taking Pictures

Ok so getting high and driving isn’t advisable but you know what, neither is eating McDonald’s and drinking Starbucks every day but people do it so don’t judge. One of my favorite things to do when I’m high is ride around on backroads whether I’m driving or just along for the ride. I love watching the scenery pass by and the chance encounter you have to run into wildlife of all types. I am also an amateur photographer so these rides make for some great photo opportunities.

Cooking and Eating

Unlike the propaganda of yesteryear would like to have you believe, not all stoners like to veg out on Taco Bell and pizza when they are stoned. In fact, many of them are culinary artists and make some phenomenally healthy and delicious food when they are stoned. Some of us even incorporate weed into the recipes making them that much better! I absolutely love to cook and eat when I’m high. I find cooking to be very therapeutic and the high allows my imagination to run wild and in return, I come up with some crazy delicious concoctions.

Taking a Hike

I love nature so naturally, I love going hiking when I’m high. Everything smells, looks, and feels much more intense outdoors from the sounds of waterfalls and the smell of the forest to the texture of the ground beneath my feet. It doesn’t matter what type of ganja I am toking on, hiking in nature will always be one of my favorite things to do when stoned!


It’s not the incredible sleep that cannabis provides me that I like the most about consuming before bed, it is the dream state that it puts me in. Without cannabis, I have excruciating and terrifying nightmares about both fictional events and ones I have lived firsthand. When I am on the reefer, however, those dreams are distant and are replaced by happy dreams, sexual dreams, and oftentimes very inspirational dreams that I find to be useful in “the real world”.

Sex Baby!

That’s right, sex baby! I love to do the nasty, get it on, be bad, bang, whatever you want to call it about anytime but it’s one of my absolute favorite things to do while high! Increased senses lead to increased pleasure and well hell, who can argue with that? I know I am not alone cause you’re probably smiling right now reading this thinking the same thing so let’s just all admit it, almost all of us love to smoke weed and get it on!

Being High!

The experience, the process, the inhale, the exhale, the flavors, the aromas, the feeling of my body relaxing and becoming balanced as the cannabinoids are absorbed by the body… this is my favorite thing about getting high. So, if you asked me what’s my favorite thing to do while high I’d have to answer, simply to be high.

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: AshleyP from CannaLance (CannaLance.com, @CannaLance, @MJWriter87)