Coast To Coast Toasting

Smoking pot and finding that special spot goes hand-in-hand. When you’re looking for the perfect place to have a sesh, one might say there’s different tokes for different folks. Not surprising, there’s usually a great big difference on where people sesh depending on where they live. Sometimes when you live in one place and don’t travel much you tend to think everybody else’s sesh spots are like yours.

For some people smoking is an all day every day event. The concept of a sesh is a bit different for them. For most of us though, we still have things to do that prevent us from smoking all day every day. If this is you, then chances are when you finally get to blaze, you have a favorite spot to do so. What smoke spot do you love a lot?

West Coast Sesh’s Are The Best

I’ve traveled from one side of the United States to the other and have seen mini of beautiful smoke spots. I’ve enjoyed great sessions from the shores of Washington and Oregon to the coastlines of the Carolina’s and everywhere in between. By far my favorite places to have a relaxing smoke sesh have been Washington State Oregon and Colorado thus far. The main reason for that being if someone were to cross my path I wouldn’t end up in jail or on probation or both.

Personally, I love that friend that has private property running along rivers, nestled in the forest or beachfront where you can enjoy smoking legally without the fear of prosecution in these states. Even in states that have legal rec laws for cannabis, it’s still against the law to consume in public. This means all those beautiful state parks and endless hiking trails are off limits for trail “Blazin” according to laws. A federal officer can arrest you even in a state where its legal at any time for any reason they see fit.

You Better Know How To Bob And Weave If You Like to Smoke Weed

While the entire country her in the U.S. offers beautiful places to enjoy a sesh, in most of these places that sesh is against the law. Many states like Utah, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Montana, Texas, Kentucky, Tennessee and others still support outdated cannabis prohibition laws. You could end up in jail for a year or more over 1 joint. Even a seed or paraphernalia such as a pipe, roach clip, or e-pen can cause you to spend some time in the pen!

In states with shitty laws that empower private investors like the majority of America, the perfect place to get your smoke on is one that’s secluded and quiet. Keeping yourself withdrawn and away from attention is best. Out of sight, out of mind as they say. This means you better have wandered way into the woods, have that special back road, private property or own a donut shop in order to not potentially get busted trying to enjoy a sesh.

Where Do you Like To Sesh

I personally love to sesh by the water when I have the option. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a river, lake, stream, creek, or ocean. Something about the water helps to soothe my soul and let Mary Jane take a hold. A good sesh sets the mood for the day or night and can even help to get one back on track.

I think weed should be legal for all. It should be treated like tomatoes or corn. Everyone should be able to enjoy the latest episode of Expert Joints during a Thursday 420 sesh at home!

When it comes time to relax your mind and partake in a morning, afternoon, or evening sesh, what spots are hot in your book? Which one do you think is the best? Do you have a certain ritual that makes your sesh a success? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment box below and if there’s a topic you’d like to read more about please let me know. Thanks for reading. Till next time, stay lifted and gifted budz!

Article By: JamesP of CannaLance

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: JamesP from CannaLance (, @CannaLance, @CannaLancer710)