To Cannabis Or Not To Cannabis, The Great Cannabis Debate

To be or not to be is the question for many when it comes to cannabis legalization and the future of weed. Even Shakespeare has been pulled from the grave into this saga. The great cannabis debate seems to know no boundaries. Everyone from the social elite to the social discreet seems to be affected by the emerging legal cannabis industry.

A wide array of people have strong beliefs and many of these people have something to say when it comes to the budding green scene of cannabis. From supporters and advocates of cannabis to medical professionals, politicians, religious figures, law enforcement, and more, cannabis has become a great debate.

Not So For The People

Republican Gov. Phil Scott of Vermont voiced his opinion about cannabis when he recently vetoed a cannabis legalization bill that would have legalized retail/recreational cannabis in Vermont in July of 2018. As always there is no solid answer other than no. I take that statement as me and my friends need to figure out how to capitalize the most from legalization first.

“We need to get this right.” Phil Scot Governor of Vermont

What do you need to get right? The only thing that they need to get right is to allow people the right to cannabis. In my opinion, it should be a crime for politicians to deny people the right to cannabis.

For The People and The Plant

Dr. Uma Dhanabalan MD MPH FAAFP has impressive credentials. Global Health & Hygiene Solutions, Speaker Cannabis Expert, Global Occupational & Environmental Wellness, Global Health & Hygiene Solutions, LLC and Harvard School of Public Health are some of those credentials just to name a few. Dr. Uma believes cannabis is an exit drug not a gateway drug and has no problems telling the world about it.

A strong voice in activism and support for the medicinal uses of cannabis, Dr. Uma brings years of dedication and medical professionalism to the table for the cannabis community. Cannabis patients need the help of respectable members of the medical community such as Dr. Uma.

They need the type of help she’s giving them. By facilitating education and teaching others in her field and elsewhere the truth about the many potential medical attributes cannabis offers, Dr. Uma is a true green leaf warrior for the many medical cannabis patients out there needing a voice.

Cannabis, Canines and Felines

It’s not just people drawn into the great cannabis debate. Our furry family members, I’m not talking about the harry ones, I’m talking about the four legged ones, are in the headlines all the time. The debate of if cannabis helps dogs and cats has reached major media outlets such as USA Today. Cannabis and dogs can be a dangerous mix unless the dosage and delivery method are controlled. Cannabis is showing success in treat dogs with conditions such as arthritis, eating disorders, nervous disorders and medical conditions such as cancer. Dogs, cats and every mammal on the planet could potentially benefit from cannabis.

Where Do You Stand on The Great Cannabis Debate

With a bit of food for thought on the great cannabis debate on the plate now, where do you stand? Do you support cannabis and if so please share why? Are you against cannabis? If so then please go away. Just kidding. Please share why you support continued cannabis prohibition. By sharing our stories and viewpoints with each other in a calm, respectful and responsible manner we can help answer questions and maybe even change the minds of those who currently don’t support this incredibly misunderstood plant.

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: JamesP from CannaLance (CannaLance.com, @CannaLance, @CannaLancer710)


***NOTE: Associated Press photo taken by CoralReefer420, as sourced from Google.