A Toke of Truth

Education surrounding cannabis is more crucial now than ever before. 80 years of reefer madness propaganda has taken its toll on the world causing nothing but destruction and damage in its path. Despite the fact that people are starting to awaken to the truth surrounding cannabis and we have seen more progression towards ending prohibition in the last 20 years than ever before the remnants of the lies we have been fed for decades can still be seen around every corner.

Take for example the state of Vermont. Last week Vermont was on the edge of making cannabis history when both the House and the Senate approved legislation that was brought forth by state representatives to legalize adult use cannabis. Wednesday of this week, however, advocates, patients, and activists around the world mourned for those in the state of Vermont after the uneducated governor decided to veto this history-making bill. Governor Phil Scott is not opposed to the legalization of cannabis however he stated the following in regards during the press conference earlier this week.

“We must get this right, I think we need to move a little bit slower.”¬ Well I’m not sure how much slower you could move seeing how this bill would only have legalized small amounts of cannabis to be possessed and grown by adults over the age of 21 and no regulatory system for implementation of cannabis dispensaries was included in the legislation but the Governor seems to think that is moving too quick. He went on to add that he would like to see the legislation address highway safety and put in place measures to protect children from cannabis-infused edibles.

Hello… has he not looked at the statistics coming from states such as Colorado, Washington, and Oregon which clearly shows no increase in traffic incidents? Has he taken into consideration how many hundreds of children are poisoned after getting into common items found in almost every home each year and just how much safer cannabis edibles are than staple items such as cleaners, detergents, and pharmaceutical medications? Luckily, the bill has simply gone back to Senate and if they can address some of his concerns before this summer, there is still hope that this history-making piece of legislation could pass later this year.

Another recent case of misinformed individuals determining the fate of thousands came from the state of Tennessee. State Representative Jeremy Faison introduced legislation earlier this year that if approved would have put a comprehensive medical cannabis program on the ballot for the voters in the state. This effort which could have saved thousands of lives in a state stricken by the opiate epidemic and methamphetamine addiction was shut down due to narrow minded and uneducated viewpoints.

According to Representative Faison, the bill was shut down because the “Senate is scared of their voters.” What is there to be scared of? According to every poll I can locate, since 2014, the majority of TN residents have been in favor of a comprehensive medical cannabis program and many would also support the decriminalization or legalization of cannabis on a retail/recreational level. If you ask me it was simply due to the lies that many representatives still believe and will probably believe until their dying day no matter what type of proof you put in front of them.

These are just examples of why education surrounding cannabis is essential now more than ever. We are on the precipice of finally reforming the draconian laws that have been in place for decades and the only way we will succeed is if we educate the world to the truths of cannabis and expose the ones who want to continue to spread propaganda and lies regarding this remarkable herb.

Many people are uninformed when it comes to cannabis and that is not something we should hold against them but rather the society in which they were raised. It is our responsibility as a community and culture to help others see the truth and bring them back from the dark side of prohibition, propaganda and downright lies. Together we can increase awareness and in the process help to overturn the deadly and destructive laws still surrounding cannabis in so many places around the globe.

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: AshleyP from CannaLance (CannaLance.com, @CannaLance, @MJWriter87)