Dispensing Good Vibes

Cannabis is legal in many place across America and with this cannabis dispensaries are becoming a more common sight. When cannabis dispensaries are allowed into an area they often come in one of two types. Medical or recreational isn’t what I ‘m talking about this time. What I’m referring to is the cannabis dispensaries that create an atmosphere to keep you coming back or the ones that are just there to sell the hell out of weed.

In my travels of Washington State, Oregon and Colorado I’ve experienced all kinds of legal recreational cannabis dispensaries. The ones that I believe will stand the test of time are the ones with three things. Great weed, a theme, and chill vibes. I’ve seen many dispensaries that were nothing more than little bodega style buildings where the only high you’ll experience is in the price of their herb. At the same time, some of the little bodega looking shops have some of the best pot, most chilled vibes and themes that are warm and welcoming.

Then there’s the dispensaries with immaculate storefronts. Some are amazing while others are just fancy packaging with high prices selling tourist weed. It’s not about what the dispensary spends that makes them legit in my book. Affordable prices, a good selection of quality products, knowledgeable and friendly staff and you pretty much have me. If you throw in a theme, chances are I’m going to remember you easier. Just because you have a theme doesn’t mean you should break the bank to do so. Just keep it real and people will dig the feel.

Proper Joints That Are On Point

A variety of cannabis dispensaries is important to not only keep pricing competitive and fair but to also provide vibes to attract different tribes. Cannabis is a diverse culture that has many age groups and other distinguishing factors. Providing places that are inviting for all vibes is where we find strength in our tribe. Friendly places and smiling faces combined with top shelf products and customer service are what you should expect from your dispensary.

My grandma loves to get lit with the best of us but that doesn’t mean she wants to shop at the mall for her weed so to say. She prefers a more quiet and relaxed atmosphere to find her herb as opposed to the hustle and bustle of a DMV setting. I don’t mind either way as long as when I get to my budtender they don’t try to push the highest THC product they have on me.

I believe that shitty dispensaries are like shitty weed. You might buy it once but chances are you’re not going back. Shit dispensaries and shit weed will pop up on the scene without a doubt. That is, until people figure out the who’s who and what’s what of where to go to score their pot. Once people realize a pile of shit, they either clean it up, step around it, or it ends up on the bottom of a shoe or tire. The same will apply for dispensaries and their vibe.

When it comes to where you like to go to score the weed you need, what’s your favorite type spot? Do you prefer the fancy setting and bling to things? Or, are you like me and don’t care if the prices are fair, the vibes are chill and the grass is kick ass? Keep an open mind and be sure to share your experiences both good and bad with your buds. Together we can help facilitate cannabis dispensaries that are all about dispensing good vibes.

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: JamesP from CannaLance (CannaLance.com, @CannaLance, @CannaLancer710)