Many Medical Marijuana Refugees

Amongst our communities live hundreds of medical marijuana refugees. When many people think of this term they think about individuals who have had to relocate from their homes in order to seek out legal, helpful, and safe medication within cannabis. This however is not always the case. Many times, these refugees still live in states with uncompassionate cannabis laws however they are refugees within their own home as they must break the law in order to obtain life-saving medication. Even in states with semi compassionate laws such as what you will find in CBD only laws in states such as Georgia, Wisconsin, and Tennessee those who are approved to utilize CBD oil have no legal way in which to obtain it so they must break federal and state law by traveling to places such as Colorado, Oregon, and Washington to obtain the medication and then travel with it illegally back home.

You see many individuals aren’t able to actually become medical marijuana refugees and relocate to compassionate states as the cost of living in these areas are substantially higher than in other parts of the nation. For others leaving their families, jobs, and what they have known their whole life is just like losing their life and they would simply prefer to be a criminal rather than to leave that all behind because the politicians in their states could care less. This is yet another reason why federal law must catch up with the times and end the draconian prohibition that still surrounds cannabis in many places.

Chances are you know someone who could benefit from cannabis that has no access to it legally. If you are a firm believer in human rights the time is now to stand up for the human right to medicate with a safe, natural and effective plant based medication without the fear of going to jail. There are mothers, fathers, grandparents and children in our communities that are suffering that could a better quality of life if only they had legal access to this plant like millions already do across invisible state lines. Are you a medical marijuana refugee? If so weed love to hear more about your story. Connect with me online via social media @MJWriter87 on Twitter or @CannaLance on Instagram!

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: AshleyP from CannaLance (, @CannaLance, @MJWriter87)