What’s The Wildest Way You’ve Scored Some Bud?

If you’re anything like me and love pot a lot, chances are you’ve been smoking it since way before it was legal.  When I first started smoking pot much of what you’d score was the notorious weed most today will never know, brick weed. This round town brown was abundant and could be scored for between $15-$40 a sack depending on who you knew. Of course, if you knew the right people you could score a bag of Sensimelia, Skunk Bud, Northern Lights, or one of a few other exotic cannabis strains at around $75-$100 a sack way back in the early 90’s.

When it came to scoring a sack of bud back in the day, I have seen some strange ways. Anyone who grew up in a prohibition state and bought a bag of pot has endured the paranoia that comes along with this experience. Even when you know the person you’re buying your bud from you can never be sure that an undercover narc has not already got to them. Many a pothead have been busted in random raids thanks to some punk pretending to be looking to score a bag of pot that was a dirty, sneaky cop. Just ask Jeff Mizanskey all about this and he’ll tell you what a shitty situation this can be.

Leave Your Phone, Jewelry, and Change In The Car

There was this one place back in the day, to score a sack of herb you had to be wanded like you were entering courthouse. All your cellular device had to be turned off because there were frequency monitors all the property to let people know if a signal was sent in or out. Once you passed the one you would then leave money or someone would pick it up and then your bud would be left somewhere else for you. No person-to-person transaction ever took place for cannabis or money. I always felt this created a very paranoid environment for me. It was like being in a waiting room full of people you didn’t know and hoping you didn’t get robbed, ripped off, or popped.

Quite possibly the strangest way I’ve ever scored some bud though was more than 20 years back. When basically all you could find was brick weed a new kind of pot came on the scene. Instead of being $40 a quarter this pot ran a hundred dollars a sack. Now for those of you who remember this that was a dramatic price jump. I went to buy a quarter of this expensive pot for the first time. When I went to the place called the coop, you had to leave your money with them and wait a few days for a phone call.

Kinder Eggs For $100

When you got the call, you would come and pick up your kind bud as it was called then. The first time I went and dropped off my money I thought I just threw $100 out the door. A few days later though I got the call. With a little bit of paranoia, I went to pick up my kind bud. When I got there, they handed me a bag and told me not to open it until I got home. I assumed the bag would have a note like fuck you, you idiot! We just took your hundred dollars. When I opened the bag, I saw something different inside. Inside of the bag were two square boxes containing chocolate kinder eggs.

I thought fuck I just paid $100 for two chocolate eggs. What a dumbass! I begin to get a little mad and started bitching on the ride home. I figured what the hell I’m going to eat one of these damn chocolate eggs. I had never seen a Kinder Egg until now. When I broke away at the chocolate and found the little egg inside I went to open it and I truly found a surprise. Inside of this little egg that normally has little plastic toys was my bud. I quickly cracked open the other egg and found my other eighth.

I’d Love For You To Tell Me What You’ve Done

Toes in the water and ass in the sand, kind bud in my favorite bowl, and that bowl in my hand, I sat back on the beach to enjoy my tasty treat. I enjoyed my kind bud immensely watching the big orange Florida sunshine drop into the Gulf of Mexico that evening. To this day, I’ll never forget the one and only time my weed came and a chocolate kinder egg. I hope you enjoyed this story that I figured I would share with the world now that they can arrest me for it. At least I hope.  I’d love to hear some tales about the strangest ways you scored weed or some of the wildest and outlandish things you’ve done to get the bud you love.

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: JamesP from CannaLance (, @CannaLance, @CannaLancer710)