The Buzz on Bud Based Beauty

If you look at the way people are choosing to live today in comparison to what has long been considered the norm some may say that we are living in a new era. Other people however would just say we’re getting back to our roots. Depending on what you believe, the human species lived off of the planet and utilized natural things such as plants and herbs not just for food but also for medicine and basic hygiene for centuries before things started to change. Things such as utilizing chemicals and man-made synthetic substances for beauty products was not a thing until the last couple of decades.

Times changed though and it seems that everything from deodorant to makeup, lotions, soaps, and other basic everyday products are made using products that offer little to no benefits while presenting much harm. Just as the pharmaceutical and synthetic fiber industries have capitalized on cannabis prohibition by filling the shelves of stores with harmful products so have the makers and manufacturers of beauty and hygiene products found in almost every household today such as body washes, lip balms, lotion, makeup, and more. Companies realized that they could utilize synthetic substances and significantly increase profit margins, unfortunately this didn’t come with consumer safety in mind.

Luckily, much like people are realizing cannabis offers a safe alternative to harmful pharmaceuticals many people are realizing that there are natural safe hygiene products that are made utilizing all natural ingredients including cannabis. Let’s take a few moments to look at some of the harmful chemicals and substances that can be found in many hygiene and beauty products today as well as some of the safe natural cannabis based alternatives that are available on the market.


Many shampoos found on the market today contain a suspected cancer causing agent by the name of DEA or Diethanolamine. This substance is added as a foaming agent to give shampoo that lathering effect. The substance is also used in oil refineries to remove hydrogen sulphide left behind from gas emissions. Diethanolamine is proven to be a carcinogen and is suspected to increase the risk of certain cancers including liver cancer.

Luckily there are safe, natural shampoo alternatives on the market today. One of those amazing products is Capillus Anti Dandruff Shampoo from Cannaderm. This shampoo is made using natural ingredients such as climbazole, grapefruit seed extract, marjoram, agrimony and pure hemp oil..

Body Lotion

Body lotions are utilized by people of all ages including babies and the elderly. Unfortunately, many of the ingredients found in today’s body lotions are harmful and can have some dangerous consequences. One of these substances is DMDM Hydantion which is a type of formaldehyde releasing preservative. According to the Environmental Working Group, this harmful ingredient is found in roughly 20% of all cosmetics and personal care products. This substance is known to be a skin and eye irritant. While DMDM Hydantion may not be a carcinogen in its own right, if there is any type of impurity in the substance it is likely that formaldehyde is present and it is a very harmful carcinogen.

Luckily there are safe natural alternatives that are hemp based that offer amazing moisturizing benefits without the risk of rubbing your body down in formaldehyde. One of those alternatives is the Original Herbal Body Moisturizer from HEMPZ. This all natural body lotion is made from pure natural hemp seed oil and is paraben free, gluten free, 100 Vegan and THC free. The product also contains Shea Butter and Ginseng for soothing and calming effects as well as vitamins A, C and E which help to natural protect skin from environmentally triggered oxidants.


Deodorant is something that is needed and widely used by people around the globe. Unfortunately, almost every standard deodorant on the market today contains parabens. Parabens have been proven to cause infertility in mails, breast cancer in femals, skin aging and is an environmental toxin. Paraben is utilized in deodorants and other cosmetic and hygene products as a preservative to prevent the growth of mold and harmful bacterias. There are however many safe alternatives to the traditional deodorants found in department and drug stores that do not contain this harmful substance.

One of these products is Organic Hemp Deodorant from Rawganique. This deodorant which is made in the USA contains certified organic hemp oil, essential oils, natural antibacterial agents and aloe vera. It is also paraben free, aluminum free and glycol free making it gentle, organic and a natural roll on hemp deodorant that is safe to be utilized on a daily basis by people of all ages.

Time for a Change

So as you can see, there are a lot of harmful substances found within products that we utilize every day. Luckily there are natural safe alternatives including many in of which are cannabis based and not only serve their purpose but also have added benefits from the cannabinoids in which they contain natural from being hemp derived. If you are tired of being poisoned by cosmetics and hygienic products, the time is now to continue your research into natural cannabis based alternatives and start replacing those harmful products and reaping the benefits that cannabis offers.

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: AshleyP from CannaLance (CannaLance.com, @CannaLance, @APriest87)