How Do You Like To Get Lit

What’s your favorite way to get lit is a question that’s asked on every episode of Expert Joints by Craig aka the Expert. This question is not only one to let the audience know a little bit more about you as a cannabis connoisseur but also to help inform them on the many different methods in which to partake in a wake and bake/afternoon or evening sesh.

There’s many ways in which somebody can get their medication on when it comes to cannabis. It’s not just about the ways of the past such as smoking joints bowls blunts and bongs. Cannabis is evolved into a wide variety of delivery methods and they are as unique as individuals that make up this beautiful culture.

Today, the options for your choice of consumption methods are many. A seasoned consumer will already know about these methods most likely. But, for the many newcomers who are turning to cannabis for the first time, here’s a breakdown of the basics when it comes to different methods to consume cannabis.

  1. Smoking– joints, bowls, bongs, and blunts are the most common methods of smoking. This is also one of the fastest ways to get a buzz or to medicate.
  2. Edibles– are more than just brownies and cookies. Edibles can be everything from a five-star four-course meal to your favorite sweet treat like gummy bears truffles peanut brittle or just about anything else you can imagine. Edibles can take up to two hours or longer to take effect so be sure not to eat to many to quick.
  3. Topicals– are becoming increasingly popular with cannabis legalization. THC and CBD infused creams lotions soaps shampoos and many other topical application personal hygiene products are being made with cannabis. Though you won’t get lit with these products you will may find your body thanks you more than you could imagine.
  4. Pharma– in the form of capsules made with CBD or full spectrum cannabinoid such as THC, CBD, CBN, CBG and others are helping many people to find the relief they’re looking for from a multitude of different symptoms and conditions. Provides effective medicine in measurable dosages.
  5. Vaping– is an option were extracted oil from the cannabis plant Is vaped by use of an electronic device vs smoking helping to remove some of the reported to be dangerous carcinogens from plant material when it’s burned. Much like smoking, when you vape the high is almost instantaneous.
  6. Dabbing– is consuming cannabis concentrates (wax, shatter, budder, sugar wax, live resin, rosin, the pure, the raw, co2 sap, or crumble) through a dab rig, rolled into or on the outside of a joint or packed bowl, or by consuming them through an electronic device such as the Dabsolute Concentrate Pen. A dab rip is quite possibly the most effective way to get lit quick. If you’re new to dabbing you may want to try a dib (tiny dab) instead of a dab.
The Old Way Is Still My Personal Fav

My personal favorite method of consumption is smoking a joint. A good old-fashioned fatty is still the best way for me to start and end my day. I will admit I also enjoy dabbing and THC capsules. I find that about 500 milligrams a day in THC capsules helps me to cut my smoking consumption in half.

I’m an old-school smoker and can easily blaze through two ounces a week or more. It seems my weed is always burning up in a series of small fires. So, anyway I can help cut back on my consumption levels without sacrificing my mental wellbeing by running deficient on cannabinoids is welcomed.

Another money and time saving tip I find has been a monthly subscription to CannaBake Box. This helps to keep me from running out of wraps and cool swag. Plus, I always have some kind of cool bowl! It’s not the weed that makes me forget to get these things, it’s the travel, time zones, and time. I have subscription boxes going to several addresses so I’m never without. This gives me time for more important things like, blazing one or two!

Weed love it if you’d chime in the comments below and let the world know, what’s your favorite way to get lit? Be sure to check out new episodes of Expert Joints on YouTube every Thursday at 4:20 pm pacific time. Remember “A single seed can tip the scales”! Till next time stay lifted and gifted buds!

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: JamesP from CannaLance (CannaLance.com, @CannaLance, @CannaLancer710)