Prohibitionist Propaganda Problems

Prohibition is alive and well in places around the world despite thousands of anecdotal cases of evidence as well as an extensive list of medical research proving the safety and effectiveness of cannabis as a medicine. The United States government even owns a patent that states that cannabinoids have medicinal benefits, despite this fact they still allow cannabis to remain a scheduled one classified drug on the Controlled Substances Act putting it in the same category with deadly addictive drugs such as heroin and LSD. Let’s look at a few of the instances that have recently happened across North America that solidifies the fact that prohibition is still in full force and there is still a lot of work to do.

Tennessee Senate Scared of Legalizing Medicine

Tennessee located in the southeastern region of the United States has been plagued by the opiate epidemic as well as methamphetamine addiction. Just a few months back a Republican representative from the state of Tennessee Jeremy Faison brought hope to thousands of people across the state when he announced that he would be introducing a piece of legislation that could legalize the medical use of cannabis in the state. This bill could have drastically changed the lives of thousands of Tennesseans but unfortunately, the narrow-minded politicians that are blinded by the smokescreen of propaganda and lies that we have been fed for the past 8 decades were too scared to take a look at the bill to legalize this natural plant-based medicine. Jeremy Faison stated the following in regards;

“The Senate, bless their heart, are just scared to death of their voters, that plant – it’s not killing us, it’s the legal prescriptions that are killing us”

Canadian Marijuana Legalization Task Force Leader Confirms Prohibition Laws Shall Remain in Effect

During Justin Trudeau’s campaign, he won over marijuana advocates when he stated that he would get right to work on decriminalizing and legalizing cannabis for adult consumption if he were to be elected. As you can see from my article from last week it has been roller coaster ride followed by a downward spiral since he took office. Just recently one of the leaders of his marijuana legalization task force announced that prohibition laws are still in full effect and law-enforcement officers should continue to enforce these laws until changes are made. Anne McLellan A former Liberal cabinet minister cited assumption of street level problems in the unregulated and still highly illegal cannabis market across Canada as a reason for existing laws to be enforced until federal guidelines on how to regulate cannabis is released.

Synthetic Lab-Based Cannabinoid Medicine Receives Schedule 2 Approval by DEA Despite the Natural Plants Schedule 1 Classification

As mentioned above cannabis and the cannabinoids within it are still a scheduled 1 classification according to the CSA. Despite this, Syndros a lab based cannabinoid medicine produced by Insys Therapeutics was just approved for Schedule 2 classification by the D.E.A. That’s right folks, the same exact pharmaceutical company that is behind the deadly drug killing people on a daily basis by the name of Fentanyl just received a schedule 2 approval for a lab based medicine containing cannabinoids yet the plant in its natural form is still listed as schedule 1. This is prohibitionist hypocrisy at its finest and it is quite sickening to millions of individuals across the United States that could benefit from this miraculous plant.

As you can see, there is still a heavy smokescreen of propaganda and lies covering the eyes of politicians across North America. It will take persistence and dedication by advocates and patients to see that the momentum for reforming cannabis laws continues in full force and it starts with education.

Remember, a single seed can tip the scales. You could be that seed. Help educate the world by sharing positive knowledge pertaining to cannabis with everyone you know.

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: AshleyP from CannaLance (, @CannaLance, @APriest87)