Prohibition of Cannabis has been a long overdue battle needing to be FINALLY won for the good of all Canadians, and everyone else worldwide. It was first banned in Canada in 1923, with regulations made to medical Cannabis use in 2001 when Justin Trudeau; the leader of the liberal party, committed to decriminalizing Cannabis for personal use while campaigning during the Federal election in 2015.

Sadly, I fell for it just like I’m sure many of you Canadians out there did. This country desperately needed a change from Harper and the underhanded practices he showed while in office. (GREAT book called “The Ugly Canadian” i suggest EVERYONE read) The Liberals won the election with 184 seats, allowing the party to form a majority government with Trudeau as our Prime Minister. The plan was to remove Cannabis consumption and incidental possession from the Criminal Code; however, new laws would be enacted for greater punishment of those convicted of supplying Cannabis to minors as well as motor vehicle impairment.

With the recent Cannabis arrests and the raids that took part across Canada, we are still nowhere near decriminalizing Cannabis. Now alcohol; a substance proven to be more harmful than Cannabis, prohibition lasted two years in Canada (except Ontario and PEI). Sleeman; a very well respected company here in Canada, talks about their company during prohibition, bootlegging, and working alongside such notorious lawbreakers as Al Capone. This was all during alcohol prohibition that in many ways was similar to the prohibition we are currently facing with Cannabis except clearly not as long lived. The differences being that Cannabis heals and cures people of many simple and complex ailments and diseases that we are only offered pharmaceutical drugs to fight or cope with conditions. What needs to be brought to attention here, is that as soon as the government found a way to tax alcohol sales and make “their cut” of the profits, prohibition was lifted. Cannabis is a different beast, and they’re finding it more complex to work out to their monetary benefit. It sadly wont be legalized until they do. Money runs the world, and people like Justin Trudeau are simply the puppets under the thumbs of the money making corporations that truly are in charge.

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: Jennifer Loudonio (@loudonio / @loudonio)