That Smelly Stank Is Some Diggity Dank

Rare Dankness Seeds Has A Cannabis Dispensary In Denver Colorado

What’s that stankness? It’s the House of Dankness! The legends know as Rare Dankness Seeds now have a house of their own. Finally, you can partake in the skunk circle to acquire some fire. Quality herb, edibles, and concentrates will leave you with only one problem. What to try first.

With the selection of cannabis and cannabis products you have here, you can’t go wrong.  No need to have a green thumb, just a green lung. Before I tell you what others already know about House of Dankness, let me tell you about what happened to me when I stopped in for a visit.

House of Dankness, 10555 E 45th Ave, Denver Colorado

When I found out rare dankness had a dispensary called House of Dankness naturally I was on my way. I looked on their website where I could view their menu. Being a huge fan of DJ shorts Flo I saw strain I just had to have. The name of the strain is Flo OG.

I checked the price on it and for 30 clams, I was sold. When I got into the skunky Circle and started talking with my bud tender I was just about knocked out of my socks when I found out I arrived at a time when I could score an eighth of Bud 12 bucks!

I almost didn’t believe my budtender. I was super stoked to find out I wasn’t hearing things. Not only did I score two 1/8ths of Flo OG for only 12 dollars each, I picked up and eighth of 501 ST OG too!  Total out the door for three premium eights, was only $44.16!

My bud tender is extremely knowledgeable and the flower truly had lots of power. The scent carried strong if my nose and you could almost taste it from using the breathing technique taught by Max Montrose. For those of you not familiar with this Tech it involves taking three different sniffs.

One short sniff, one medium sniff and one long sniff. This process allows all the fragrant aromas to capture in your nose giving you a true aromatic experience and hint of what’s in store with your bud. Give it a try and you’ll see what I learned from Max.

I was so excited I almost forgot to tip my budtender. I went to grab some cash to leave only to be told with a friendly smile that tips were not excepted at House of Dankness. The attendant behind the counter looked at me and said, “this means more weed money for you”. Now that’s cool.

Rare Dankness Didn’t Just Pop Up Overnight Like A Garden Weed

Rare Dankness Seeds is a group of award winning cannabis breeders. What award have they won you ask? How about the award for the Best Seed Company Sativa, at the Amsterdam High Times Cannabis Cup a few years ago back in 2011. They brought this award home with their legendary Moonshine Haze.

If you visit their website and check out the learning section, you’ll learn some wild advice when it comes to cultivating their blazin genetics. Advise like their Moonshine Mix for soil. Talk about making some super soil!

If you know your herb and pay attention you just may find some of the fire from House of Dankness floating around at some other dispensaries here in Denver.

A Tin of Dankness

Here in Colorado we don’t see much in the way of branding when it comes to buying herb at the dispensaries compared to say Washington State. When I scored my eighth, I was surprised to get it in a small round tin. It was about the size of an English muffin. The tin was custom labeled with the House of Dankness name and what strain was inside.

Not only was it a tin, it was nitrogen sealed using a patent pending process unique to House of Dankness. The tin also has a great child proof lid like that of a medicine bottle. The bud was sealed inside the can. To get to these tasty flowers, you must crack your can. That’s right, crack your can. The tin of delicious nuggs comes sealed like Vienna sausage.

I give House of Dankness two thumbs up and a 420 approval across the board. If you’re not smoking on something that makes you give thanks, then my friends you’re obviously not smokin on some dank from House of Dankness. When you’re in Denver Colorado looking for a dispensary House of Dankness is one you have to go see.

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Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: JamesP from CannaLance (CannaLance.com, @CannaLance, @CannaLancer710)