Meeting Good Friends For the First Time

I’m on my way to meet some great friends for the first time with my wife and 2 of our kids Jacob and Brandon. Stop, did you read that, right? Did I just say meeting great friends for the first time? I did. This sounds outlandish to even me, but that’s what it is.

Part of what I do in life allows me a very close and personal look into the lives of people I previously never knew. So is the case here with people I’ve had phone conversations with, been friends with on social media who I speak frequently to, and who’ve chose to share their lives with me.

Traveling from Denver to Colorado Springs to meet people I know so well for the first time! What a wild world we live in today. Trying to imagine this when I was growing up in the 80’s would’ve been like a SyFy movie. In just 45 mins I’ll meet Green Life Grannie AKA Lisa Carol Palmer O’Malley, Venessa Adams AKA The Real Hemp Queen, and Seth Green founder of Greener Pastures TN.

As I nervously began to descend upon a beautiful house, nestled in a quiet Colorado neighborhood, with a breathtakingly picturesque view of the mountains, something happened. My nervous feeling went away. When I walked to the door and rang the bell, the good times began when the door was opened and we were greeted by the lovely Vensesa Adams AKA The Real Hemp Queen.

Meeting her in person after more than a year and a half of phone calls, was legit. Venessa was as sweet in person as she was on the phone. Don’t get me wrong she’s not the lady you want on your bad side, but as a friend, she is true as they come. If you’re shy, hang on to your seat, if you get the chance to meet, The Real Hemp Queen, Venessa Adams.

A Warm Welcome From Friends I Knew So Well But Have Never Met

Cannabis has always brought people together through the power of the sesh and this time was no different. With a warm welcome at the door the family and myself proceeded to the that legendary place where all the fun happens, the basement. There were people everywhere. Ladies were getting their hair done and fun was in the air.

Here’s where I meet Seth Green for the first time in person. I’ve covered the story of this terminal young man but until now never had the honor of meeting him face to face. We shook hands hugged and did the inaugural meeting dab.  We talked and shared some stories for a bit, we even had a beer together which was a true pleasure.

There she was with a fresh splash of green as spunky as ever. Of course, I’m talking about the spunky, funky, sexy, giggly green haired stunna, Lisa Carol Palmer Omalley AKA The Green Life Granny. Granny is a near and dear friend who you’ll be seeing some amazing things from. She has the gift of love in her heart and that love is fueled like so many others by green.

Now, I’m not talking about money, I’m talking about the other green. No, not little green aliens either. I’m talking about the herb. Mary Jane saved Granny, giving her another chance to live the life she wants to live. She’s not wasting a moment of that life she was given that second shot at either. She’s spreading the chain of love every chance she gets.

Amazing Friendships, Another Side Effect Of Cannabis The Feds Hate

The Feds knew a while ago that cannabis canna bring people together. This was part of the reason they started the MJ Tax Act. When like-minded motivated stoners if you will get together to chill, amazing conversations happen. These conversations are held by people of all walks of life, of many different colors, religion’s, and beliefs. They’re united by the common connection of cannabis.

They share amazing ideas and give birth to new ones. Thanks to cannabis legalization gaining support in America, more people than ever before are coming together on that familiar common ground of cannabis. This scares those in power more than anything. If they can keep us focused on money and legal issues just maybe they can buy themselves a few more years of control. People are waking up to see the light and that light is green. Cannabis is a go!

I love sharing the stories I hear and learning the ones I do. Approaching life with a cup half empty I’m learning new things all the time. With a bowl packed with a nug of knowledge, I do my best to keep the rotation going when it comes to puff-puff and passing on information and knowledge. I’m loving my magic carpet ride on this cannabis field trip. Like a musical idol of mine so famously sang, “Legalize It, and I Will Advertise It.”

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: JamesP from CannaLance (, @CannaLance, @CannaLancer710)