Indica vs. Sativa: Is There Really A Difference?

I’ve been smoking cannabis for over 30 years on a regular and consistent basis. On a good week, I’ll smoke about 2 ounces at least. I love cannabis concentrates. Instead of smoking two ounces a week when I have concentrates, that consumption level goes down to a quarter or a half ounce a week plus 5-7 grams of dabs. I still love my flowers but absolutely love the buzz from a good clean dab. When it comes to the question of an Indica high vs a Sativa high, I have my own opinion.

I don’t believe a Sativa strain of cannabis is going to make me want to go hiking, play frisbee golf, mow the yard or any of that kind of shit. I also don’t believe that blazing a j of a good Indica strain is going to give me couch lock. Hell, I haven’t had couch lock since the last time I hit the Jameson and Guinness. One of my favorite strains of cannabis is Chemdawg. This is a Sativa cannabis strain. I can smoke a couple of joints or few bowls of this and I’m lit. At the end of a long day of writing a good smoke sesh with some Chemdawg can calm me down and help me ease off into a peaceful slumber. I can smoke Indica strains all day long and never catch couchlock. Of course, I’m a heavy consumer and believe part of this is because of how long I’ve been consuming and my tolerance level to cannabis in general.

In my opinion, it depends on the individual consuming cannabis, how it will affect them. As each individual out there has a different body chemistry Indica and Sativa will treat people differently accordingly. Upon entering mini dispensaries one of the first questions asked by most Budtenders is do you know what you’re looking for, Indica or Sativa? They follow up with, are you looking for a perky cerebral high or a relaxing body buzz? I guess as a generalism this works, but I still see it large misconception on how Indica and Sativa treat people. The power of suggestion is very strong. It is worked on people for centuries. Just look at the power of negative propaganda like Reefer Madness and you can see the power of suggestion at work and the effect it can have on a society.

Indica, Sativa and hybrid cannabis strains all produced phenomenal pot I love a lot. When it comes to the diversity of cannabis available today as a consumer I feel blessed. I still remember the days of getting brick weed and Reggie unless you are lucky enough to have a solid. If that was the case you could typically score some pretty red bud and seasonal pots such as Northern Lights, Christmas Tree Bud, and even Pineapple Express. If you’ve been smoking for a little while you may even be lucky enough to remember original skunk AKA roadkill skunk from the late eighties and early nineties. This particular strain is my white buffalo. I still remember when pot was pot. The days of old before we ended up with Indica Sativa and hybrid. Today we have a periodic table of elements chart to describe all the varieties of cannabis on the market.

I truly believe it’s a state of mind of how you feel before you consume cannabis that affects your Buzz. If you’re set to go hiking swimming play Frisbee golf and you blaze a little that’s what you’ll do and you’ll have fun while you do it. If you’re wanting to have a relaxing time on the couch munching out that’s what you’ll do. It all depends on how much you have on your mind and how well life is been treating you at the time.

I guess my questions to you are as follows. What do you think about Indica and Sativa cannabis? Does one make you want to go out jogging or hit the gym while the other one makes you simply want to munch out on the couch? Do you believe that your state of mind influences the type of buzz you get when you consume cannabis? Finally, I’d love to know what’s your white buffalo?

Thanks for taking the time to entertain your mind with my opinion piece on Indica versus Sativa. I hope you enjoyed the read and I’d love for you to chime in with your thoughts. One thing’s for sure is people worldwide love the way they feel when cannabis is a part of their daily life. I couldn’t imagine life without it. Shit, I love my weed!

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: JamesP from CannaLance (, @CannaLance, @CannaLancer710)