THE EXPERT LIVE! – Episode 5

Join ‘The Expert’ for this weekly smoke session – LIVE! Thursdays at 4:20pm (PT)

Episode 5 features special guest Tyler, from Greek hip-hop group ‘Professional Sinnerz’ and owner of the ‘Kush Coma Wear’ clothing line! Follow Tyler @ProSinnerz & @KushComaWear on Twitter, and visit & Media courtesy of Tyler himself, Swollen Members, Alpha Omega & N.O.E. Download Tyler’s “Kush Coma Mixtape Volume 1” here – The Expert also smokes on some ‘Death Bubba’ & ‘Wiz Khalifa’ from the Seymour Wellness Society here in Vancouver. If you are 19+ and have/get medical approval, you should check them out at 1304 Seymour St, on Twitter at @SWS_Dispensary, and online at We also have a number of nuggets of news on marijuana in the media from Australia, the United Kingdom, Colorado & Ohio as well e-cigarettes & vaping, mascots, cancer, Vietnam veterans, anxiety & Nick Diaz updates on the goings on at Expert Joints.

Original air date – September 10, 2015