THE EXPERT LIVE! – Episode 4

Join ‘The Expert’ for this weekly smoke session – LIVE! Thursdays at 4:20pm (PT)

After a couple technical issues caused a bit of a late start… Episode 4 consisted of consuming cannabis from Canna Clinic on W.4th here in Vancouver. If you’re over 19 & have/can get medical approval, you should check out the two potent indicas “OG-18” & “Herijuana” we blazed. Check them out online at & on Twitter @mycannaclinic. Lots of questions in the chat room, including an appearance from The Social Revolution (@321cheers) gang and guests from around the world. Plenty of news and updates this week, as well as a reveal of upcoming giveaway items in conjunction with our upcoming Expert Interview with Dana Larsen (@danalarsen)!

Original air date – September 3, 2015