Time to Save Lives in Tennessee

I am a Tennessee native and it straight up pisses me off that I am considered to be a criminal in my home state because I choose to utilize a plant as a medicine and as my choice for recreational enjoyment instead of alcohol or illicit drugs. It pisses me off that I had to move 1500 miles away from everyone I know and love to legally medicate. What pisses me off even more is the fact that TN has a CBD only law that is helping absolutely NOONE! Since 2014 there has been a CBD only (high CBD/ low THC) law in effect that is very limited, nearly inaccessible and completely useless as patients have no way to legally access and obtain the product without travelling out of state to obtain it and then illegally travelling across several state lines to bring it back to TN.

Luckily there are representatives in the great state of TN that have realized the medical benefits of cannabis and have announced the “Medical Cannabis Act” which will be introduced during the 2017 legislative session. Republicans, Rep. Jeremy Faison of Cosby and Sen. Steve Dickerson of Nashville gave the people their first look at the bill that will be introduced back on December 14th and it has citizens in the Volunteer State revved up with support already! Groups like Green Cross Tennessee, Greener Pastures Tennessee and the Tennessee Medical Cannabis Patients and Activists Group are bringing people in Tennessee together to educate the politicians that will ultimately determine the fate of whether or not this initiative is approved once introduced in the upcoming legislative session.

With the overdose rates drastically increasing each year in the state of TN and in states across the country it is time to look to a safer, natural and proven alternative that has never killed a single person, EVER! In 2015 just over 1,450 individuals lost their lives to prescription drug overdose in the state of TN and that number will only continue to rise unless something drastically changes. In states that have passed comprehensive medical marijuana programs and provided a place for patients to obtain their medical cannabis such as Colorado, prescription drug overdoses have declined by 25% or more within just the first year. This is absolutely remarkable and something TN desperately needs.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that support for medical marijuana legalization has increased in recent years in TN, it seems that there are some politicians that are just blind to the truth. That or they have big pharma and private prisons so deep in their pockets that they know legalization would be bad business for them and they are just spitting propaganda to cover their own asses. One “representative” by the name of Andy Holt even went as far as saying; “This is a typical ‘it’s for the children, it’s for the veterans’ bull-crap bill,” clearly showing that he has no regard for the hundreds of epileptic children in the state who could benefits from cannabis or the thousands of TN veterans who suffer from PTSD. These individuals will be exposed and the truth will be known. It is time to educate the masses and bring a change to the state of TN in 2017! Feel free to contact Andy via any of the methods below and help educate him on the truths of cannabis!

Andy Holt

Phone: 731.514.6071

Email: [email protected]

Address: 461 Jewell Store Rd. Dresden, TN 38225

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