Changing Minds One Leaf At A Time

The many multiple misconceptions pertaining to cannabis can at times be hilarious to us stoners but unfortunately is an all too real epidemic that plagues much of the world. Particularly in my journeys, I’ve crossed many individuals who don’t know the difference between marijuana and hemp. The ones that do understand the difference, for the most part, are already trying to educate others.

When trying to teach some people the true aspects about this incredible plant all too often you get the deer-in-headlights stare. A great example of a conversation about cannabis that can potentially lead to a giggle fit happened to me recently. While speaking to a friend of the family in the state of Tennessee they were very evident about proving to me that broccoli contains THC. Their doctor had told them this and they were convinced if they eat broccoli they would fail a drug test. I laughed at first until I realized the seriousness behind this when the only thing I could say was what the actual fuck!

Stop The Lies

The negative associations to cannabis typically lie within stereotypes that have been expressly an unprecedentedly pushed up on people through over eight decades of negative propaganda. This negative propaganda has led to a form of brainwashing. When a government brainwashes the public through negative false propaganda it’s very dangerous. When it’s proven that this brainwashing took place on propaganda based lies they should be held accountable. With more people than ever before supporting positive cannabis reform, it’s clearly evident that the people have spoken and said #YesWeCannabis!

When we educate people about cannabis we can begin to see a trend of the lies starting to disappear. Those who’ve previously facilitated theses false notions are not so quick to spread lies when so many are equipped today with the facts.

The Polls Keep Coming In

Per at least 61% compared to 58% last October, of Americans surveyed support cannabis legalization. In Canada, reports 53% of Atlantic Canadians support cannabis legalization according to polls. With support numbers, finally over half in both the US and Canada, it’s high time that our political leaders stop playing games with the will of the people. Many times, the legendary quote history repeats itself is all too often true. When will corrupt, governments learn that their power-crazed attempts at domination and control will only lead to repeated historical events where the people stand against these corrupt tyrants?

It is the goal of many supporters and activists throughout the Cannabis community and culture to better educate and inform not only the public but those who are misinformed as well. Just because someone doesn’t agree with cannabis legalization doesn’t necessarily mean they are against it. Many times, these individuals have based their opinions on false truths. Upon learning facts and coming to the realization of what is going on around them many people become pissed off that governments not only in the United States and Canada but around the world have played with the lives of so many millions today.

Cannabis is not a guaranteed save your life alternative but does provide a higher quality of living for many individuals who would otherwise suffer unnecessarily and unjustly at the hands of pharmaceuticals and insurance companies. Everything from cancers and epilepsy to cases of sclerosis, chronic pain, insomnia, PTSD, depression, anxiety, inflammation and more may all be helped by the incredible healing attributes associated with the all-natural plant known as cannabis.

Cleansing The Over 8 Decades of Brainwashing

Helping to break down the negative associations with cannabis starts many ways. By showing the world we are productive members of society and our communities as well as breaking down the negative stereotypes associated with the racism and fascism that control this budding industry for decades. Removing the word marijuana from mainstream discussion by replacing it with the term cannabis is also another great start as it is truly the plant’s name. Replacing the phrase marijuana users with cannabis consumers will also help break that negative vibe so many have.

Drinkers are called drinkers cigarette smokers are cold smokers we don’t call them alcohol users or tobacco users. User is a term referred typically for those who abused hard drugs such as heroin methamphetamine cocaine and others. These are users and addicts. Cannabis consumers, for the most part, are responsible respectful individuals who contribute to society having jobs families and everyday lives that are productive. Recently a study was conducted surveying the cannabis community in the United States of America to see what kind of individuals fell into the cannabis lifestyle. Surprisingly the average cannabis consumer held down a job making over $75,000 a year.

Imagine All The People

Imagine a world where everyone worked stayed happy and high and could get along. Doesn’t seem like there would be much need for a corrupt government in a society like such. To the corrupt government officials out there who may lay their eyes upon my words, I bite my thumb at thee! Should you so choose to bare it so, then yes, it’s to be considered a disgrace to thee.

Through positive interaction with the community in general, we can change the negative impacts of over eight decades of brainwashing through negative marijuana propaganda. Stay lifted gifted and beautiful while helping to educate and communicate about cannabis in a positive and productive manner until we have a reached a greener tomorrow.

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: JamesP from CannaLance (, @CannaLance, @CannaLancer710)