Expert Joints LIVE!: The 4/20 Pre Pre Show

Join¬†Craig Ex¬†Thursday at 4:20pmPT from Studio 710, for another episode of “Expert Joints LIVE!”

This week Craig welcomes Piper Courtenay, Cannabis Editor of the Georgia Straight‘s Straight Cannabis and Greg ‘Marijuana Man’ Williams, to preview the 25th annual 420 Vancouver protest and 12-7pm (PT) live stream happening Saturday April 20th 2019 at Sunset Beach. They’re also joined by Tha Big Puffa, our old bud Dabberman, Dan from the Fukushima Preroll Factory, and Chef Evan of Verde Experiences for what is sure to be a dope episode. Be sure to toke up and tune in to episode 172, you could win something during Puff Puff Pass It Along too.

Original air date – April 18th, 2019