Expert Joints (not quite) LIVE!: Baked Beavers

Join¬†Craig Ex¬†Thursday… wait… no… Friday at 4:20pmPT… err.. I mean 4:30pmPT from Studio 710, for an unexpected episode of “Expert Joints (not quite) LIVE!”

This week Craig welcomed the stars of “Regular Canadians Enjoying WeedKass & Honey to Studio 710. Tha Big Puffa brought music from Kush Kelz for Dab Time, and the new Chronic Cooking video made it’s debut too.

However an unexpected issue with the audio prevented the show from being broadcast live Thursday. Apologies to those who tried to tune in live, and to our guests for the inconvenience. Please finally enjoy the show we intended to share with you. Sorry.

Original (attempted) air date – February 7th, 2019