What the Hell Are You Waiting For, Pharma To Discover Cannabis!

The cannabis industry has been threatened by the pharmaceutical industry for decades. One of the main opponents supporting prohibition of the past and the continued prohibition of cannabis has been Big Pharma. They have been working on profiling and singling out cannabinoids such as THC, CBD, CBN, CBD, and others. In the meanwhile, they have kept the research as well as cannabis from people every chance they could. Prescription drug abuse, addiction, and overdose has taken over the world. Virtually every corner of the planet has an epidemic with pain pills of some form or another. Oxycontin, fentanyl, Vicodin, Percocet, Xanax, and many other prescription drugs are commonly abused to the point they cause death.

“More than 60 per cent of fatal overdoses in the province have been linked to fentanyl” CBCNEWS

One beautiful and magical fact about cannabis would be that when it comes to this amazing plant there have been zero deaths in recorded human history ever linked directly to cannabis. This could quite possibly make cannabis the safest most outlawed hated lied about plant on the planet! In the United States, any place the pharmaceutical industry has placed their hands on the control of cannabis such as in Minnesota, there’s been trouble.

  • In nine months of this year alone 555 people have died from prescription drug overdoses.
  • In 2015, 505 people died from prescription drug overdoses the entire year.
  • Fentanyl is a main contributor to this death toll.
  • Fentanyl is approved by Health Canada.
  • Currently political leaders still play games with cannabis legalization while cannabis has 0 deaths this year or anytime in the past.
Pharma Ruins Cannabis For Many

Medical marijuana patients in Minnesota turn to the black market still for cannabis because the pharmaceutical companies are just too greedy and charge too much. Of course, in the state of Minnesota the pharmaceutical control board for the state has control over cannabis regulation. This is the same scenario that Canada could be facing as the enormously large pharmaceutical giant chain Shoppers has applied for their license to distribute cannabis through there over 1,200 distribution chain stores across Canada. Will they charge more than $10 a gram? Will they be successful at their bid to sell cannabis? Will Health Canada ever cover cannabis under insurance? All good questions that we must wait to find out the answer to.

Cannabis heals and pills kill. The two do not go together and should not be distributed in the same place or by the same people. The pharmaceutical industry has been poisoning citizens of the planet Earth for over 8 decades now with a multitude of prescription drugs. They play games with the lives of tens of thousands by raising the prices on life-saving medication to virtually unobtainable points. They restrict access through insurance and more. Yet how are they punished? Are they locked up and forced into counseling? Of course, not. Makers and sellers at Pfizer, Lilly, DanDan, Watson and others operate protected.


What The Actual Phuck

Health Canada recently approved Sativex, yet when it comes to cannabis one might want to ask, why is it taking so fucking long A? Just what the hell kind of pills are you people popping that’s making you slow down the legalization process of cannabis while so many people are having their lives ruined by outdated prohibition laws? You make yourself look bought and paid for to the world with your pretended ignorance to cannabis. Nobody can be that stupid that holds office surely! You send people to Colorado on $4,000 weekend adventures to learn about cannabis when a trip of that magnitude should run only $1,000 maybe $1500. You wonder why people point fingers at the improper allocation of funds yet you do stupid shit like this while patients suffer and supporters are jailed!

When Justin Trudeau was running for Prime Minister of Canada and promised cannabis legalization to the people he made a remark that cannabis legalization would be about the health of just that, the people. As we’re starting to see it’s not about the people’s health, it’s about the profit of these corporations who are fighting and biting at the ropes for control over the cannabis industry in Canada. Investors from the United States are flocking to Canada staking millions of dollars in supplying this beautiful plant to people. Meanwhile, young men and women such as the four recently arrested an undercover investigation started by the United States Postal Service that led to the bust of 8 pounds of pot sent from California to Canada.

Two 20-year-olds a 21-year-old and a 22-year-old will forever have changed their lives over a simple bad decision that truly was not harming anyone. If anything, they were helping to provide medicine for people where the Canadian government is screwing around and not giving adequate access. All too often you can find stories of medical marijuana patients abiding by the ACMPR who are having to turn to dispensaries that are supposed to be operating illegally to find the medications they need to live. Medical cannabis laws in Canada are hurting good people.


Retail Dispensaries For Cannabis Already Work Dam It, Are Ya Blind

Cannabis dispensaries work. Therefore, they’re still in business. People go to them because they like the cannacentric experience of being around other like-minded individuals and not around a bunch of sick or hopped-up junkies standing in line to get their daily fix of pharmaceuticals. When’s the last time you stood in a long line at the pharmacy? It’s not very pleasant. Besides that, there’s already places set up running and structured that can facilitate Canada’s many medical cannabis card holders as well as the retail market for cannabis as soon as it’s legal.

I think the problem is that corporations who support politicians and other prominent figures in the community want to put the squeeze on the small mom-and-pop shop so they don’t have a chance to capitalize on future generational wealth and financial stability from cannabis. In my opinion, this is why companies such as Shoppers are already applying for their medical marijuana license.

Notice how you don’t see corporations or private investment groups investing millions of dollars being harassed arrested or bothered at all with their endeavors in the cannabis industry, yet just as it’s always been, the poor misfortunate ones who are either just trying to earn a few dollars or provide medicine and relief to those who are sick and stressed end up getting the sharp end of the sword. Ask a cannabis activist if they’ve ever been treated unfairly and you can bet you’ll get a yes. Hell, I get looked at funny by some in Colorado for wearing a tie-dyed shirt still in 2016!


A Message Of Inspiration And Irritation

Together through progressive education of the public and by sharing the testimonials and stories of our culture we can increase public awareness and allow for better decision-making in the future in regards to cannabis reform. Stand your ground when it comes to your beliefs and values on cannabis and never be ashamed. You have a huge family that will always support you. To you negative Nancy’s and naysayers in public office I have but this to say to you. “May your crotch be infested with the fleas of a thousand camels and your arm’s too short to scratch.”


Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: JamesP from CannaLance (, @CannaLance, @CannaLancer710)