Life- The Greatest Benefit of All

Of All Things Cannabis Offers, The Most Beautiful of Them All is Life

When it comes to the substantial and significant list of benefits that cannabis legalization has to offer the most extraordinary of them all has to be life. For thousands of years before cannabis prohibition began, the plant was utilized by cultures around the world for a variety of different medicinal applications. For hundreds of years, cannabis was an essential part of the pharmacopeia in places across the globe. This plant in all of its history which dates back to 10000 BC has never once killed a single human being. Let me repeat that. This substance known as cannabis, wacky weed, marijuana, wacky tobacky, reefer, ganja, or whatever you want to call it has never been the direct cause of death for any individual ever.

Demonized for Decades but an Awakening is on the Horizon

However, this plant which may be the safest substance on the planet has been demonized and criminalized by modern governments for decades. Today luckily thanks to an awakening that is happening around the globe cannabis is finally starting to make its way back into the mainstream as a viable medicine. As it becomes more accessible more lives will be able to be saved or drastically improved which is pretty f****** incredible if you ask me.

Thank You, Cannabis, for Saving these Beautiful Souls

Many individuals have heard the stories of Charlotte Figi, Alexis Bortell, and Coltyn Turner, however, these are just a few of the individuals that cannabis has given life to. Let’s take a brief look at a two other medical marijuana patients who thank cannabis daily for giving them their lives back.


Katelyn Lambert

Katelyn was born with Dravet Syndrome which caused her to suffer from hundreds of seizures daily. Even though she was prescribed a variety of different antiepileptic medications, the seizures continued and so did the damage that was being done to her brain. Her father learned about the success that Charlotte Figi had seen with a high ‘CBD/ low THC cannabis oil after Katelyn suffered one of the worst seizures of her life lasting over 2.5 hours. Michael, Katelyn’s father immediately started his search online for a CBD product that was similar and ordered a CBD Hemp extract from Endoca which is a Danish based company. The results after Katelyn tried this product for the first time were astounding. Now thanks to cannabis, Katelyn is seizure free for over a year and is happier and more alert than ever before. She also can regularly attend preschool, something she couldn’t do before cannabis. Her grandparents were so amazed at the results that they donated $33.7 million towards medical cannabis research which led to the inception of The Lambert Initiative at Sydney University. Mind you that these grandparents have never smoked a single puff of cannabis and after seeing Katelyn’s improvement were completely convinced that cannabis is medicine and has the potential to help millions of people worldwide.


Maggie Selmeski

Maggie Selmeski is a little girl from Tennessee who according to her parents would not be here today if they would not have made the drastic decision to move across the country to Colorado for access to medical marijuana for their child. Maggie suffered from hundreds of seizures a day when in Tennessee despite the cocktail of medication she was being prescribed. At the age of 4 months old, Maggie’s parents were told the unthinkable by doctors and that was that there was nothing they could do and that she would not live very long. Now being a mother that has heard these words, I know the devastation this family felt. They did what any parent would do, they moved their family across the country for medical marijuana access. Today thanks to legal access to cannabis, Maggie’s seizures are only a small percentage of what they used to be and she is striving, playing, and communicating with her parent’s thanks to cannabis, and only cannabis as she no longer takes any pharmaceuticals! Maggie’s family hopes to be able to move back home to TN one day if ever they can without having to choose between being a criminal or their daughter’s life.

The Legal and Often Deadly Side Effects

These individuals were all on a wide variety of pharmaceuticals and were finding little to no relief before cannabis. What is even scarier is the side effects of the drugs these individuals were prescribed. Let’s take a quick look at some of the common pharmaceuticals prescribed for conditions such as Epilepsy and remember, these drugs are legal, FDA approved and prescribed to hundreds of thousands of people, but cannabis (the safest substance ever) is illegal for most.

Tegretol  (Carbamzepine )

Tegretol is a very commonly prescribed medication for epileptic seizures. The common side effects are nausea, dizziness, muscle soreness and general weakness. However, there have been several reports of heart failure and respiratory distress directly related to Tegretol that have led to death.

Valium (Diazepam)

Valium is widely prescribed for anxiety, depression and epileptic seizures. The common side effects of this drug are listed as drowsiness, nausea, constipation, double vision, skin rash, irritability, memory loss and loss of interest in sex. The drug however is also deadly and very addictive.

Ativan (Lorazepam)

Ativan also known as Lorazepam is another commonly prescribed medication today. This drug causes side effects including but not limited to difficulty breathing, headaches, rash, loss of balance, blurred vision, and death.

What the F%^& is Wrong with this Picture?

I’m sure by this point you are probably asking yourself why is that these drugs were prescribed when they provide no relief and cannabis was legally denied without becoming a refugee and saved their life? If so join me and the other hundreds of thousands of individuals that are fighting for cannabis legalization in places around the globe. If your state is voting on legalization in any form be sure to vote yes as your vote may mean the difference between life and death for someone with as the children listed above. Sure, not every initiative is perfect and may have some flaws, but isn’t some form of legalization better than nothing at all?

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: AshleyP from CannaLance (, @CannaLance, @APriest87)