Out & About with Koala Puffs at High Score


For the 150th episode of Expert Joints LIVE!, Craig Ex brought a very special guest to Vancouver (and Canada in general) for the first time- Koala Puffs!

Also known as Anjela, she’s an LA-based social media sensation with over 254K followers on Instagram who’s famous for her lung capacity and insane dabs.

It was her first time in Canada, and as one of Instagram’s most famous stoners, she couldn’t have picked a better place in Canada to visit than Vancouver, and it was a whirlwind of smoke, dabs, joints, and just plain old awesomeness.

She was only in town for two days, but as she said, her 48 hours was amazing.

After lighting up and celebrating the milestone 150th episode of Expert Joints LIVE! with Craig Ex at Studio 710, Koala Puffs made her way over to High Score, Vancouver’s only cannabis-friendly retro video game lounge, for a meet-and-greet with her Canadian fans- and as you can see from the video, it was LIT.

As she said herself, “Am I still here? I’m so dabbed out I don’t even know!”

People were surprised that her larger-than-life personality on Insta is actually what she’s like in real life, but that realness is probably why she’s attained such a massive following online.

Craig Ex’s friend and podcast co-host DJ Slippee was in the house dropping some fat beats as Koala Puffs walked around High Score handing out free goodies to everyone who was lucky enough to make it to High Score that night.

Also, if you’re a retro video game nerd, make sure to stay tuned til the end and try to guess which game Koala Puffs and Craig are playing before the video ends. Hint: It’s a Super Nintendo classic that was very “Rare” indeed.

For more Koala Puffs, check her out on WeedTube, follow her on insta @koala.puffss, and check out her appearance on Expert Joints LIVE!

Original Cannabis Life Network feature by Mike Okada can be found here.