How Cannabis Helps Me, A Personal Tale


The story of cannabis and how it ended up in my life is a simple one. I was born into it. My name is James Priest and I’m a 39 year old father of six. My journey in life has not been an easy one but I wouldn’t have it any other way because it’s helped to shape and sculpt the individual I’ve become today. I’ve been through many ordeals in my life. Throughout my entire life one thing you can say is I’ve always been a stoner. My family grew pot when I was a young child. I can remember when I was about four or five years old my first encounter with the DEA. I was on my swing set playing when out of the blue a group of what appeared to be ninjas came creeping out of the tall grassy field beside my home. I ran inside screaming that ninjas were after me. I continued on to my grandmother’s house who lived just through the woods. The ninjas turned out to be DEA agents who were there to arrest my father. To their dismay unfortunately my father was clean and had no pot on him at the time and was not growing. From there I always had a fear of police due to the way they stormed the house.


Fast forward to about 13 years old my parents had separated and I lived in Florida now. My mother and stepfather had gambling problems and embezzled money from some of the places they were working at. They left in the middle of the night to avoid being arrested. I was left behind with no one to look after me or take care of me. At the time I was an honor student in school yet was forced to drop out due to not having any parents or family in the state. I picked up a job working at two Italian restaurants making $2.15 an hour working 12 to 14-hour days. Just paid my trailer bill which was $80 a week all utilities included. As long as I paid the rent on time they didn’t mind that it came from a 13 year old kid and didn’t ask any questions. This is where it all started for me. From this point I begin working. By the time I was 19 years old I had the start of the family. My daughter coming into this world changed my outlook on life. I was working for Dunkin Donuts as a baker and making pretty decent money.


Fast forwards several years and I now have a total of 6 children. One is my stepdaughter. My son Xander who was 11 months old when he passed away was diagnosed with Menkes disease at about 6 months old. This is a terminal disease which there is no cure for. My step daughter Brianna was born with congenital heart failure but had recovered completely according to the medical professionals. She was off of all medications and had a healthy checkup for several years. Randomly one night at 13 years old she was called home. Throughout all of this I could give you a million different reasons why cannabis is medicinal. Until these incidents occurred I could not have actually truly understood the medicinal values cannabis would offer.

Instead of being hooked on the cocktail of pharmaceutical prescription drugs like Prozac, Valium,Trazodone and Amitriptyline I obviously chose cannabis. When I learned the benefits that cannabis offered medicinally and the potentials it held for those who are sick I was appalled that our government had kept us from people for so long. I started studying prohibition and how it was started. The fundamentals of racism control and domination that it was built upon. I learned a lot and was infuriated. Now my mission is to spread the truth about cannabis. To tell the stories of the individuals that make up this beautiful culture. Before it was a green rush or an industry it was a group of people who more times than need be had their lives ripped apart and turned upside down due to heinous marijuana prohibition laws.


Cannabis has a multitude of ways that it can help not only the people on this planet but the planet itself. Hemp is also referred to as Cannabis sativa L and cannabis AKA ganja, marijuana, mary jane, dank, chronic, kind, and other slangs offer the world a valuable resource. A medicinal and industrial resource. Everything from food, rope, soaps, clothing, and building materials to medicines and more can be made from cannabis. Phytoremediation and areo-remediation helps to repair damage to our planet and both the air and soil unlike that of virtually any other plant on Earth. Hemp can help end our dependence on nonrenewable resources setting the pace for a cleaner, greener, happier, tomorrow. A tomorrow where our children can sustain a future that is livable in.

Anytime when sickness is running rancid everywhere and hunger is touching every corner of the globe an alternative source such as what cannabis offers is a blessing. It’s only been kept from the people in order for private special interest groups and greedy corporations along with lobbying politicians to make their wealth.  Their time is coming to an end. It is now time for the truth about cannabis to be shared with the planet. Cannabis helps me in a multitude of different ways. It helps me to ease the pain of the loss of my loved ones and not to forget. It helps me to enjoy life a little bit more despite the hardships that I’ve been through. I don’t get drunk and forget what I’m doing crash cars, pick fights, any of that kind of silliness. I don’t have extensive expensive doctor bills due to liver complications or other complications that come from taking prescription pills on a regular basis.


Cannabis is a healthy alternative and a choice that should be mine the same way as it should be everyone else’s in this country and around the world. The only way we’re going to make that happen is by educating people helping to change minds. When people realize the stereotypes and negative stigmas that were set forth by decades of propaganda by what people are seeing is a false government is a lie they will be truly infuriated and pissed off the same as I was and am. Educate when you medicate and learn the facts associated with cannabis so that you can better make informed decisions when it comes to cannabis reform laws. You can also help to educate minds and shape the future of tomorrow making it healthy healthier one. A single seed can tip the scale. Be the seed.

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: JamesP from CannaLance (CannaLance.com, @CannaLance, @CannaLancer710)