Grass Roots Cannabis Supporters Making a Greener Tomorrow


The cannabis reform laws that have been taking shape across the United States of America are doing so thanks to the dedication and conviction of grass root cannabis supporters and advocates. It is through their dedication to education that minds are changing.

This change is helping to bring about a positive direction for cannabis reform in many states such as Tennessee. In the heart of the South it seems that when it comes to the idea of marijuana legalization nobody wants to get on board. It has taken dedication and perseverance for Nashville Tennessee to finally see decriminalization of cannabis. This is only a small victory but the option of a max fine of $200 and some community service definitely beats that of jail time.

If you wonder why political leaders in the southern states do not support the cultivation of cannabis both hemp and marijuana you’re not alone. The incredible medicinal attributes that marijuana has to offer are limitless. There are countless stories of success and a book of facts that destroy the nearly eight decades of lies known as Reefer Madness.

The agricultural aspects of hemp are impeccably important at the precipice we’ve reached today. As a society we have relied far too long on nonrenewable resources and have been made to believe that these synthetic resources were our best and only option. All the while an incredible source of food, fuel, fiber and more has been persecuted in an attempted eradication by the United States federal government.

Of course I’m referring to their War on Drugs or as I like to call it the attempted eradication of cannabis. Hemp and marijuana can help heal the people and make our planet a clean green healthy happy one.


Thankfully minds are being changed across the south. People are being enlightened by motivated educated cannabis supporters and activists like Vanessa Adams aka The Real Hemp Queen, Green Life Granny, and Seth Green of Greener Pastures Tennessee.

Seth Green is an advocate and supporter of cannabis who finds relief from a multitude of medical conditions thanks to this amazing herb. Seth speaks in Nashville every chance he can and has even taken his words all the way to Washington DC. Seth is the organizer of the March for Greener Pastures Tennessee which supports cannabis and bringing awareness to the community.

Vanessa Adams and Green Life Granny are a powerhouse duo that is down to earth. Their realness is adored by people everywhere. Too many people today try to be something they’re not. This is exactly the opposite of what you get with these two. These lovely ladies tell it how it is and are true to the bone absolutely 100% real.

They naturally have their A-game on all the time because that’s who they are. They saw the opportunity to help bring awareness to Seth Green’s cause and jumped on it. Wherever these ladies go they attract a following of people that are as equally as real as them.

If you want a smile in your day then check out The Real Hemp Queen Venessa Adams and the absolutely adorable Green Life Granny on Facebook. Follow these ladies to find out more about what’s in store for the future of cannabis legalization and the efforts of advocates and supporters in their group.

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: JamesP from CannaLance (, @CannaLance, @CannaLancer710)