The Healthy, Environmentally Friendly, Medicinal Plant

Hemp is the healthy, environmentally friendly, medicinal plant that can produce thousands of products. The only problem is, if the industry strives and people were able to farm hemp it would put quite the hamper on other industries such as fuel, paper, pharma and others. You see when the racist fueled propaganda began around marijuana, it’s “cousin” hemp also gained a bad rep. Many believe it was intentional that hemp got pulled into the mix simply so the synthetic fiber industry could thrive and it would allow many to line their pockets with billions of dollars.  It’s almost undeniable when you look at what hemp could replace and the amount of money that the industries it could replace have made since hemp was outlawed with marijuana in the late 1930s.

Hemp can be utilized to make thousands of products all the way from food, fuel and medicine to textiles, furniture, plastic and more.  Hemp not only could replace these products it could also help repair and better the environment in the process through phytoremediation. Since hemp was outlawed any hemp utilized in manufacturing in the U.S. and any hemp products sold in the U.S. has been made from hemp grown overseas. Meanwhile in the U.S., farmers have been struggling to make ends meet dealing with tainted soil, droughts, floods and many other obstacles at no avail. Could you imagine what would happen if U.S. farmers were able to grow hemp? It would save thousands of family farms. It would create thousands of jobs. It would repair the soil. It would provide a better life for millions and would also cut down on deforestation helping the environment all the while.

Luckily today things are starting to change. Individuals such as Vanessa Adams a.k.a. The Real Hemp Queen, Green Life Granny, Geo Ogburn, Rob Ujevic, and Joe Domino are bringing awareness to hemp and everything it has to offer by working with farmers in places such as Tennessee, Kentucky, and Virginia. Geo Ogburn, Joe Domino and Rob Ujevic met at a VA Industrial hemp coalition meeting and not long after set out on their first project together which was to bring to market hemp fleeces and t-shirts. They quickly expanded their passion beyond just hemp and founded www.vafibers.com. VA Fibers works with farmers, politicians and others in hopes of growing and expanding the hemp industry in VA as well as the industry surrounding other natural fibers.


These individuals are green leaf warriors that are fighting to bring change to how hemp is perceived and to bringing the source of hemp back to America where it thrived for so long before being shut down by greedy politicians. These individuals are helping bring awareness to the world through regularly attending events such as the Greener Pastures Tennessee Medical cannabis March and Hemp Hoedown where they join together with farmers, advocates, industry experts and others to educate the world to just how much cannabis in the form of both hemp and marijuana has to offer us. Check them out today on VAFibers.com and Facebook at their tags below.

The Real Hemp Queen
Green Life Granny
Geo Ogburn
Joe Domino
Rob Ujevic

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: AshleyP from CannaLance (CannaLance.com, @CannaLance, @APriest87)