Weed is More Than Just THC

When you like to get high nothing is worse than not being able to other than having weed that doesn’t get you high.  If this has ever happened to you, you likely were smoking either dirt weed or top shelf weed that was grown only for a THC content and not the plants full potential. If you truly want the most out of your sesh you need to be blazing on something with a full cannabinoid content spectrum and not just a high THC strain. 

While many believe the high they receive from weed is just from the THC, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Now I’m not saying that THC isn’t what gets you high as I’m not arguing the facts, what I am expressing rather is the fact that THC is more effective when in combination with other cannabinoids because after all, weed is not just THC nor is it just THC and CBD. In fact, there are dozens of other cannabinoids found within cannabis and together when plants are grown to their full potential these cannabinoids produce what is known as The Entourage Effect.

Thanks to cannabis legalization and the research that is being performed around the world we are starting to learn more about the entourage effect and the individual cannabinoids which make up the cannabis plant. So far we have extensive knowledge surrounding THC and CBD which are both commonly known by many consumers as well as individuals who do not ever touch the plant. However, there are dozens of other cannabinoids in which we need much more research to be performed on before we will truly understand the benefits and the roles that they play and offer. There are a few of these other cannabinoids however that we do know a little about regarding their medical applications and the benefits in which they provide consumers as well as medical marijuana patients. Let’s take a look at a few of these cannabinoids more in depth.


  • THCv is related to THC and helps to intensify the psychoactive effects that it produces. THCv is also known as an energetic cannabinoid that helps to uplift the mood and suppress appetite, unlike THC which causes a sedated feeling and is the culprit behind the munchies. This cannabinoid may also help with diabetes, Alzheimers, osteoporosis and many other conditions though more research is needed to confirm this despite the anecdotal evidence that already exists.


  • CBG was determined through scientific research as being the very first cannabinoid in which is produced in the cannabis plant. Essentially this cannabinoid acts as a stem cell for other cannabinoids that develop after it. This cannabinoid is non-psychoactive but offers many medical benefits. Thus far evidence shows that the cannabinoid offers antioxidant as well as anti-inflammatory properties.


  • CBC is another cannabinoid that truly helps to provide consumers and patients with the Entourage Effect. CBC has been proven to have anti-proliferative effects meaning that it has proven effective at combatting different types of cancer cells. It is also responsible for inhibiting the uptake of the endocannabinoid produced naturally by the body called anandamide. This allows the cannabinoid to stay in the bloodstream longer and to produce longer lasting effects.

These are just a few of the other cannabinoids that we know of from the cannabis plant. As more research is performed we will only continue to learn more about the many benefits in which these cannabinoids can provide not only when they are isolated but also when they are combined with other cannabinoids.

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: AshleyP from CannaLance (CannaLance.com, @CannaLance, @APriest87)