Keep The Little Guy On the Rise

With cannabis on the rise, many people are asking how’s the little guy ever to survive? Statistically, the little guy is outnumbered by stanky swanky corporations. These corporations have private investors which can dump millions of dollars into compliance, regulations, as well as advertising, packaging and more. This is a sure win for some like those of corporate cannabis. However, the more you get to know the cannabis community and culture the more you’ll know that we particularly have a thing about the little guys.

The countless mom-and-pop growers and shops across the country and around the world are the heartbeat of this intrinsic culture. In order for the mom-and-pop shop to stay alive and above ground, they need our support. By continuing to support the mom-and-pops of the cannabis culture and community we will help keep this unique part of ourselves alive. There will always be billions of dollars and giant corporations to take over every industry that has the potential for profit such as cannabis.


On the sidelines, you’ll always see the small business successfully maintaining through quality and consistency. This is something that large corporate structure and funded companies lack. Their margin is all about profit not about the people. This is the exact opposite when it comes to the business practices for many cannabis business owners. Just like alcohol is dominated by large corporations and only a small percentage make up the craft brewing side of the alcohol industry, cannabis will most likely suffer the same fate. This is the power of stickers and glitter.

Try to look into the craft side of the tobacco industry. If you ever have the opportunity to smoke real tobacco it’s quite different than the junk they put on the shelves and package to the masses. We live in a society today where it seems they try to poison us in order to profit from us. From raising the prices of lifesaving medications to denying millions of people the right to a plant that heals in a multitude of different ways, corrupt corporations, and special private interest groups will continue to manipulate and monopolize the cannabis industry like they have with so many others.

Through this manipulation though we will stand strong because we know what they are going to do. We can inevitably see that this is coming. In the meanwhile, we will strive to keep the mom and pop shops alive across the nation and around the world by telling their stories and sharing their work for everyone to see. When it comes time to buy your cannabis supplies instead of turning to the mega-dispensary check with the mom-and-pop shops and local growers.


When you purchase a new piece of glass find a local artisan and don’t buy glass by the mass. The cannabis community and culture has always been one that cares and will give the shirt off their back for a neighbor in need. This has not changed and will remain the same for generations to come. We’re used to being underground, it just seems even with legalization happening there’ll still be a certain segment of our culture that will always remain this way. Instead of being underground so to say it will just be intrinsically connected with those who vibe together.

We’ve always been able to sense a suit coming at us from a mile away and they’ve never really fit into the cannabis scene. It’s only with the emerging green rush and short fortunes to be made everywhere that we’re seeing individuals enter into the cannabis industry with virtually no knowledge of it whatsoever. Insurance, human relations, quality assurance, office management, call centers, and many other backgrounds are stepping into the cannabis industry because they can.


In the meanwhile, many people forget that through countless years of negative propaganda and marijuana prohibition that many individuals have been labeled with charges that prevent them from entering into the cannabis industry. Instead of having people who know the industry have the opportunity and chances to get into it, we are being flooded by an industry of suits. It’s time that flip the script and show the world that we’re here to stay. The mom and pop shops deserve our support around the world. Remember when the holiday seasons are fast approaching to help put food on the table of your neighbor by buying local. This means stay away from the mega store exchange and shops and look for the ones that specialize in you, the mom and pops.

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: JamesP from CannaLance (, @CannaLance, @CannaLancer710)