I Want To Smoke Them All

Growing cannabis is something that many individuals have dedicated their life to. Thanks to these people we get to enjoy a fine variety of hybrids and phenotypes today. Many people get lost When you mention the names of these legends or don’t even recognize the significance of the work these people have dedicated themselves to doing. Legendary breeders and growers such as Mendocino Joe, David Watson, Shantibaba, Nevil Schoenmaker, DJ Short, Soma, Dr. Kush, Diggs, and so many others have helped to bring us all of these delicious delectable herbs.

Craft Cannabis vs Calendar Cannabis

Living in Colorado and having one of the best jobs in the world traveling to states such as Washington and Oregon allows me the ability to enjoy a multitude of cannabis varieties. Different levels of growing can be seen in different areas. Out in Colorado I see a lot of calendar grows. Not to many places let the plants reach their full capability like The Farm in Boulder Colorado. They do an excellent craft cannabis. These calendar grows produce what many people would say is great weed. This is very true for the most part when it comes to novice consumers. Some places do take some time and love their nuggs. The Medicine Man in Denver is another one who is on point with the herb. For me craft cannabis wins every time compared to calendar grows.

That’s Not Weed that A Tree

I have to say I’ve seen some amazing trees in Washington State. One of the plants I laid my eyes on was over ten feet tall and easily the size of 10 – 12 normal plants that I’m used to seeing. I really am enjoying the flavors on the West Coast. Getting to smoke Organic Grown Jack Herer and trying hard to grow strains such as the legendary Nine-Pound Hammer has been an absolute delight. You’ll find strains over on the west coast that you’re not coming we going to find in Colorado. Great example of that is BC God bud. This is a new personal favorite of mine and something I will enjoy it every time I have the chance to. BC God bud has flavors that are very similar to that of UK cheese. If this is a strain you’ve never had the luxury of trying and you get the chance be sure to give it a few puffs. I’m going to say you’ll be highly impressed.

Love Is All You Need

The one thing I found out about her over the years is you can always find good weed just about any place. It’s about who you know and how they grow. Remember when you’re going to partake in the morning wake and bake afternoon or evening smoke sesh you deserve nothing but the best. Knowing what you’re putting into your body is vitally important. Happy plants make for happy patients. Love what you put into your body and your body will love you it’s said. No your grower and let your grower know you this way you’ll get a cannabis that is nothing but the best you could almost say tailored just for you. Until next time stay lifted and make sure you watch the Expert Live on Thursdays at 420 on Pot Tv!

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: JamesP from CannaLance (CannaLance.com, @CannaLance, @CannaLancer710)