Expert Joints – A Well Put Together Live Broadcast

Ever wondered what it is that the team does here at Expert Joints? If so light up a spliff, pack a bowl, or prepare your dabs and sesh with us while you learn more!

From trailblazing industry leaders and iconic cannabis activists to legendary cannabis smugglers and musicians, you can find an array of entertainment, fun, and knowledge on Expert Joints LIVE! What started as a hobby on YouTube for Craig Ex AKA The Expert in his Vancouver condo has evolved into an epic weekly broadcast from the Cannabis Culture Headquarters broadcasted on PotTV! But wait till you hear what he has in store and where he will be broadcasting from for Season 3!

Each week offers a multitude of blazing and amazing guests, a news session, cannabis reviews and of course a lot of well put together joints! Let’s take a closer look at some of the people who have been featured on Expert Joints in previous broadcasts!

Previous and Reoccurring Guests 
  • Tim McBride – Author and Convicted Cannabis Smuggler – If you bought a bag of ganja in the US during the 80s chances are you may have toked on some of the very pot that this legendary cannabis hauler helped bring into the country! Learn more about Tim in his book titled “Saltwater Cowboy: The Rise and Fall of a Marijuana Empire” and on Expert Joints Live during his special segments known as Tim’s Tales! Tim recently visited the Expert Joints crew in Vancouver and appeared on a live broadcast which you can check out here. 
  • The National Joint League‘s Cody Van Gogh- Cody is one of the pro rollers with the National Joint League which is a league of the most creative joint rollers from around the world. You can learn more about Cody by checking out the NJL website and by following him on Instagram! While Cody is a reoccurring guest on Expert Joints Live you can check out one of his appearances here.
  • Opus 420 of Twelve High Chicks- Twelve High Chicks is a blazing and amazing publication based out of B.C. Canada covering everything hot surrounding the cannabis industry, culture, and lifestyle in places around the world. Opus 420 is one of their talented authors who brings over 30 years of cultivation knowledge to his perfectly wordsmithed articles. Opus whose real name is Mik Mann was also a candidate for the BC Marijuana Party in 2001 and 2005. You can find his work not only through Twelve High Chicks but also in publications such as Cannabis Culture magazine and SKUNK Magazine. Some of you may know Opus from his PotTV broadcasts called “‘Opus Presents the 420 Lifestyle“. Learn more about Opus in an episode of Expert Joints live here!
Season 3 is Going to be Blazing and Amazing So Stay Tuned in Each Thursday

This week’s episode #105 of Expert Joints Live will be the first episode in the third season of Expert Joints LIVE! Craig has some exciting things in store for Season 3. Check out the what you can expect below!!!

For some time now, Craig Ex has been collaborating with the team at Cannabis Life Network. In Season 3, however, it is official that Expert Joints Live will be broadcasted from Studio 710 – their new shared production space. Through his collaboration and partnership with CLN, Craig Ex will be helping to manifest and implement an all in one multimedia cannabis space. The first of its kind in Canada! Soon Studio710 will be home to 24/7 media and cannabis related shows.

For season 3 you can expect a whole new look and feel for the show including new graphics, a new set, new theme songs and intros, new segments and much more! Starting with the next episode of EJL, the show will be broadcasted on all of the following websites and channels each week so be sure to check it out!

So, who can you expect to see this season on Expert Joints Live? Well, we can’t give away the entire lineup but here are a few of the blazing and amazing individuals and companies you can expect to see during the Season 3 premiere!

Marijuana Man– Marijuana Man is a Vancouver BC based cannabis activist, consumer, public figure and the host of his self-titled YouTube show/channel “Marijuana Man”. Marijuana Man has some major bragging rights when it comes to Marijuana media as the Marijuana Man Show has been broadcasted since 1997 making it the “longest running marijuana show in the world!”

Lone Tree Concentrates– Products from LTC will be featured on Expert Joints Live this season! Tune in to see what the cast of EJL has to say after they partake! Lone Tree Concentrates was established in 2017 and is based out of Victoria BC. LTC offers high quality flower and award-winning concentrates for patients across Canada!

REMO-The Urban Grower- When it comes to growing cannabis Remo The Urban Grower very well be one of the best growers in the world. He has helped thousands of people around the world develop the skills needed to not only grow some amazing cannabis but to do so in yields that will, well, elevate you higher than you could imagine! Remo is also the visionary and knowledge expert behind Remo Nutrients and he hosts a YouTube channel titled UrbanRemo which you can check out here!

Tim McBride – Our good bud Tim McBride who is mentioned before and has appeared on the show in his own segments titled “Tim’s Tales” in the past will also be joining Craig Ex during season 3 for updates and well… more exciting tales surrounding the life and times of a cannabis smuggler and author!

So Where Can The Expert Be Found When He Isn’t Live?

When Craig Ex isn’t hosting Expert Joints Live he can be found hosting, attending, and broadcasting live from events such as The Prairie Medicinal Harvest Cup also known as the friendliest cup in Canada and the Karma Cup. This December you can find Craig Ex at The Emerald Cup in California. Here he will be interviewing and broadcasting live with members of the cannabis culture and community including Expert Article contributor and owner of CannaLance, James Priest.

Be sure to follow Expert Joints across social media on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter and don’t miss the live broadcast every Thursday at 4:20 PST!!! In between broadcasts, be sure to stay up to date on cannabis news and culture via weekly Expert Articles and more on!

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: AshleyP from CannaLance (, @CannaLance, @MJWriter87)